Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Tennis: A Slurpee Misadventure

When people ask me where I was when Barack Obama made his inauguration speech, I'll say "at the Australian Open!" which will be a lie because he gave the speech at 3 am this morning and I was sleeping (I have since watched the speech...and wow).

Our seats were freakin' amazing, we were sitting 3 rows away from the court. Which gave us a great view of Murray's ass..ets why we could never be professional tennis players, ball kids, umpires, or lines people. This realization came as a big hit to my ego as I now have no back up career plans - being a ball kid was all I had. Maybe I could be a commentator. I do have insightful tips on the game of tennis which involve important aspects of the game such as poor fashion choices, making fun of Andy Roddick and his sports team fiance The Brooklyn Deckers, and pointers like "Hewitt should really be going for the Gonzalez back hand..."

I saw some of this and unfortunately none of this. The latter I painfully missed; how is he supposed to know we're going to get married if he never meets me?

The real adventure of the day was trying to convince Gonzalez to take off his shirt (sadly he wouldn't (read as couldn't hear us) listen to our entreaties of "take it off," "You can leave your hat on," and "You're too sexy for your shirt, too sexy for your shirt, so sexy it huu-urrts." Tragic) and also to figure out what the Argentinean fans were chanting. Jess and I were pretty sure it was "Kenya" which seemed awkward as no Kenyans were playing.

I am going to tell you a secret, dear internets, I find the upper back of men undeniably sexy. I don't know what it is about the shoulder blade region...but dear Moses I enjoy it.

Jess and I went to four sets against the slurpee kiosks around Rod Laver Arena. We saw people with slurpees, saw places that sold slurpees, but no one would sell us a slurpee. "Sorry, the slurpee machine is out of order for the moment it needs to refreeze it will be back in action in about 30 minutes." So, we'd go back and watch a couple sets of tennis and then come back and the same thing would happen. I can't believe I just wrote a whole paragraph about my slurpee adventure. Do you care about whether I obtained a slurpee or not? I didn't think so.

Live Slurpee or Die. A New Slurpee. Let the Slurpee be with you, Luke. You can't handle the Slurpee. I can't help myself.

In the end, we conquered.

Slurpee Heaven.


  1. What fun! You got to look at the pretty boys AND get a slurpee. Heaven! (Cute picture of Jess - it is Jess, right?)

  2. It is indeed Jess.

    mmm cute boys.