Friday, February 06, 2009

For the first time today, I'm not on the verge of tears. Celebrate!

I am back! And I've missed you all so. Although, strangely my blog got the same number of hits per day while I was gone. The lesson here is I clearly try too hard!

Today has been challenging.

I've been suffering from an undiagnosable (by my parents and myself - a team of the finest hippy doctors as you shall ever find) disease. It goes like this: cheeks turn crazy red, neck and chest turn a deep shade of pink, the body is chilled. Some of you may be thinking that I am suffering from premature hot flashes to which I counter with the fact that I feel cold. During one episode I actually had a fever. But the rest of the time I was just an unnatural shade of red.

I had to say goodbye to my parents at the airport. It was indescribably hard. They spoiled me rotten while they were here and like always we had a fantastic time being together and seeing wombats, koalas, Tasmanian devils, and an assortment of wallabies (IN THE WILD). I dodged questions on where I want to live after this year. I cried on the skybus on my way back to my apartment.

Which I have to leave within in the month because our is up (do you happen to know any Melbournians who I want a housemate?). My face is breaking out. It's four billion degrees. Valentine's day is coming up. And I look like a clown:

And my mommy and daddy are somewhere over the pacific!

It's good to have internet again. Seriously, I missed you.


  1. I'm sorry your goodbye was so difficult. I remember those feelings. Even at 42, there are times it's painful saying goodbye to my parents or grandmother.

    I'm glad you made wonderful memories together, and I hope you diagnose your disease soon.

  2. I've missed you! But so happy that you got to spend time with the folks, who are clearly blessed with a clown for a daughter. :P

    Methinks you have a touch of goodbye-itis. But I got my doctoring degree from a jungle in Nicaragua. So check with someone in Melbourne, yes? :P

    Hugs and welcome back and hope you feel better soon!