Monday, February 23, 2009

The post that began with a family vacation and ends with a scientific comparison between a tennis player and his primate DNA, obviously.

While I was on vacation with my parents, I made several little videos of the things that we were seeing. I have made a little movie using imovie to bring all that together, the music is Water Birds by Ankala - some supposedly "world" music that my grandmother bought for me. She has this thing for buying me things that are typically Australian in America. As if I wanted them I wouldn't be able to get them here? I suppose its the thought that counts? On a seperate note, James Blake is good lookin'.

Some things that didn't get photographed or videod was a long standing argument that Jess and I have with my parents who like Nadal. Now here is the thing. We, the very noble and scientifically based Jess and Deidre, firmly believe that Nadal is the Darwinian link between primates and humans. He is basically a monkey. So, Jess and I spent minutes hours making a very scientific booklet full of venn diagrams, pie charts which detailed the DNA similarities between primate and Nadal (with a smidge of Elvis - clearly), and very scientific stick figure representations of monkeys and Nadal as proof to my mother that in fact he is very closely related to the primates, perhaps more so than he is to the humans. For those of you who aren't familiar with Nadal...


I personally think the resemblance is uncanny. But despite our incredible science facts that cannot be debatable (particularly because we are so unbiased) my parents, particularly my mother, is unable to see the connection. Perhaps it is because she is distracted by the monkey's good looks Nadal's biceps.
I also wish Nadal would stop winning. Because I heart Federer.


  1. I am totally siding with your mom. I <3 Nadal! And I think he's pretty... even if he does resemble primates somewhat.

  2. Well, at least you can admit to his monkey-like features! My mum can't even see them.