Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since posting about flippy floppies

On Wednesday, I linked the Lonely Island's video I'm on a Boat. Since then, my blog has received an unprecedented number of hits. Seriously, I had no idea how popular this video is, no one knows what I am talking about when I bring it up in Australia (which trust me is awkward because they'll be talking about weekend plans my mind is like "beach --> water --> buoys --> Oh my god there is the funniest line in I'm on a boat about buoys" [which by the way Australians pronounce like "boyez" I like to think that we find each others pronunciation endearing, however I think Jess is just annoyed] or they'll talk about a scarf and suddenly I'm adrift in memories of nautical themed pashminas or someone will mention a world and I'm all "this ain't sea world this is as real as it gets." You've taken over my mind, Samberg). So if you you're stopping by because you too have your swim trunks and flippy floppies I am sorry I don't have any insight into the wonderful mind of Andy Samberg. In fact, I probably know less then you do. But thanks for stopping by, make yourself comfortable, please partake in a site perusal at your leisure.

In other news, I be feelin' ill my friends. And not in the gangsta way (although I have been getting in touch with my inner homegirl), but in the I have barely eaten in days way because suddenly digesting food is a task that my lovely body isn't up for. Awesome. This does happen to me routinely, in someways I think its my own personal cleanse system, but I am not feeling it right now. I'm also pretty sure that part of it is my living situation at the moment. My beloved roommate has not cleaned the kitchen or bathroom since I left for a vacation with my parents 3 weeks ago (I have since cleaned the bathroom, because ew gross!). The kitchen is covered in half eaten bits of meat, unwashed wine glasses, garbage that is over flowing from the can. Jess keeps telling me to tell The Roomie to fuck off, but I can't. And I know I just need to be like "dude CLEAN THE KITCHEN" but its so much easier to whine on my blog than actually do anything about it you know? I also fell in love with one of my prospective new houses last night. Love it. I want to live there. I want to call the lovely people that live there and beg them to take me in! PICK ME, PICK ME. God, please pick me?

It's Valentine's day. I keep remembering and then immediately forgetting, because I honestly don't care. I went and got a smoothie (because strangely all I want is fruit and bread (yeah, the same bread that makes me super sick...I tried to eat some because my body was being so insistent...ouch)) and couldn't figure out why they had hearts everywhere. Until I saw ultra snuggly couples every where and then it all became clear to me (briefly). I usually take myself out to the movies on Valentine's day. However, I've seen three movies this week (Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, and He's Just Not That Into You - which I know others hated but I kind of enjoyed it in that "its a bad movie" kind of way) and in early March I am taking myself on a rather expensive date. I guess my point is since I am sans partner valentine's day has become about doing something special for myself. And I hope that today you can indulge yourself a little whether that means a bubble bath, an extra piece of chcolate (or three), or taking a moment longer on the internet then you normal allow yourself to do. Celebrate you, my rambunctious infant.

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