Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today is a big day

I found a place to live. It's an adorable little apartment with a seemingly normal albeit a little eccentric late twentyish-something. It's in an adorable neighbourhood. I am just so excited.

And, today I am going to Lo's work to play with puppies. PUPPIES. And maybe kittens. KITTENS.


Now, I can get back to writing my normal content, you know stuff that is truly interesting like how I spent ten minutes struggling to open a peanut butter jar only to open it and have all the oil spill out everywhere. Whoops. And of course my hair.


  1. Oh, good. I've been wondering about your hair...

    Congratulations on finding a place! You must feel tremendous relief. I'm happy for you!

  2. Yay - I followed a link from 'It's Lovely I'll Take It' and got totally absorbed in your homelessness. I hope you are very happy in the new home.

    PS, eccentric people are much more interesting

  3. Chris - I still have it. So, bonus?
    And thanks!

    Lulu - Thanks for stopping by! And I'm glad that someone was enraptured by my homelessness rants :)

  4. (and I followed you from Lulu).

    Any day in which you get to play with puppies cannot be a bad day. Congrats on finding a home.