Monday, March 09, 2009

The Ballet (a post where I may or may not overuse parenthesis)

On Thursday, I took myself to the ballet. The New York dance company, Complexions, was doing 7 shows in the Melbourne Arts Centre. It was a ballet full of pieces done to rock n roll and blues (and hot practically naked men...and we're back). A ballet choreographed by the choreographers of this:

It was spectacular.

As I was sitting alone during the two twenty minute intermissions (very ouch) and grumbling, to myself - turns out I am a great listener - about how sick and tired I was of doing everything alone. But even as the thoughts kind of rolled through my brain (I think of my thoughts as being in a wooden train on tracks where all the cars are labelled with the theme-of-thought (ToT) and then I can take off the lid and look inside and kind of get swept away with the ToT or just let it chug past me - this is how I spend my yoga classes when I am supposed to mediating and "recognising" my thoughts and letting them go) I knew it was a lie.

I am relishing in this new found freedom I have discovered in being independent and doing things on my own. The truth is I enjoy doing things I enjoy doing (reread that, its one of those revelations that is oh-so-deep) whether I am with someone or not. And I thought to myself, self if your date with the magnificent James Blake the tennis alone wasn't bad the ballet should be cake!

Self, I was wrong. The ballet was hard. While everyone was dancing it was easy. It was easy because have I mentioned ever that I like dance? Has that come up? Maybe? To reiterate, I like dancing. I like watching dancing. I like participating in dancing. I like bad movies about dancing. you get the point (I like dancing). Intermission nearly killed me. KILLED ME. The couples and the cuddling; the friends and the chit chat; the brothers and the rough housing. Me and my thought train.

The third act was a ballet done to U2 music which in combination with being alone during intermission got me thinking about my desperate need for a new theme song (seriously, my people - peeps, homes, my fellow bloggers, don't make me beg, am not too proud to do it, but I'd prefer not to, nominate a song) because its not the being alone that is the problem. As Jason would say from So You Think You Can Dance Australia "it's not your body that's the problem hey? Its your mind, mate." Except that it isn't totally my mind, hey? It's the lack of good music in my mind, mate.

To recap - if you get a chance to see Complexions, do it.

Go pick a song that you'd like to see me dance to. Do it for me and if not for me than for your entertainment, and if not for your entertainment than the blogosphere's as a whole.


  1. I'd totally ask you out and be like, your lover if you weren't a straight girl, which would make me a gay lesbian male, which would mean...

    Wait... what?

    Hang in there, darlin! I'm sure Andy Roddick is coming to town. Or Owen Wilson. Or someone with a unique nose. :)

  2. Aww, and I'd totally say yes. if I were a lesbian gay male - no, you're right that was a ToT better left on processed.

    haha - Thank you, I am sure they will too.