Friday, March 06, 2009

Contest: Finding the 2009 Deidre theme song of the year

Hello Dear Internets,

For the past three or so weeks I have been extremely pessimistic about life. On repeat in my head is "I'm so tired of being alone, so tired of on my own, won't you help me girl." And while Al Green is catchy and groove worthy, it is not exactly mood lifting music.

So, being the slave to the internet devoted blogger that I am I realised this was a great opportunity for me to humiliate myself for your entertainment! But to make this go smoothly I need your help.

I've spent the whole morning searching for this clip in Ally McBeal where her therapist asks to find a theme song and she goes through different songs and dances to them until she finds one that suits her.

Well, here at; we're going to do a similar thing. But I've run a blank on good theme songs.

In highschool my go to cheer-me-up song was Abba's Dancing Queen. I was seventeen. And young and sweet. In college I moved on from Abba and found the Pretenders' Brass in Pocket. I did feel special, oh so special. But now, I need a new song to kick me out of this recent onset of the duldrums.

This is where you come in.
Step 1) In the comments nominate a song that you think should be my theme song for 2009. For extra points tell me your own.The qualities it should have are:

a) one must be able to dance to it
b) it should have a relatively uplifting message (no songs about never finding love...)

Step 2) Vote in the poll on the right as to how the contest should proceed.

Step 3) Sit back and relax until the end of March (maybe?) when I'll humiliate myself (again) on my blog via video, dancing, theme songs, big hair, and if you're very lucky costumes (oh, I am going there). And if Matt (A View from 5280 ft) wants a lesson in moonwalking this is his chance!

Here's the catch, I am not going to humiliate myself unless I get a certain amount of support for this. Hopefully the poll will give me an idea of how interested you, my lovely readers, are in this adventure. And if the poll goes poorly, I'll be embarrassed anyway - win,win for you!

To help you get nominating I give you the top 10 played songs on my Itunes:
10) Graceland - Paul Simon
9) Some Girls - Rolling Stones
8) I Got You (I feel good) - James Brown
7) I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson
6) Jackson (with June Carter Cash) - Johnny Cash
5) Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) - Robert Palmer
4) Take a Chance on Me - ABBA
3) I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
2) Miss You (Dr. Dre Remix) - Rolling Stones
1) Ain't Too Proud to Beg - The Temptations (although the Ben Harper cover is SWEET)

Get nominating, people!

UPDATED: Anyone who suggests Lady Gaga will be disqualified, thems the rules.


  1. I love this idea! However, I'm not a big music person, so I have to give this some serious thought.

    On the other hand, I'm an enthusiastic watcher of bloggers willing to humiliate themselves, so you pretty much guaranteed at least one repeat visit. :)


  2. Awww, thanks Wendy - so far its not looking good for the music video...tragique.

  3. alright lady. i know i've got tons. especially this year - apparently i like pop music now. ;)

    anyway here are some of my current faves (if you don't know any of them or have them in your collection i will send you a cd because clearly you should own all of these songs... according to me)
    1. hawk nelson - bring 'em out (totally random and silly but awesome)
    2. the veronicas - untouched (i <3 this song, so much)
    3. scissor sisters - paul mccartney (self-explanatory)
    4. surferosa - canuba toystore (no idea what the message is in this one but it is dance-y and they sing about toys, how can you go wrong? - just haven't paid enough attention)
    5. beyonce - single ladies (i know, i know but i seriously like it. and it apparently inspired some friends of mine to be all empowered and break up with their loser boyfriends. gotta love that)
    6. the veronicas - goodbye to you (ok i know this is not totally happy message BUT i have a good reason, it is one of the best covers i've ever heard)
    7. rihanna - disturbia (i told you, i'm really into bad pop right now)
    8. katy perry - waking up in vegas (because how can you resist that title? and i'm still in that bad pop phase)
    9. britney spears - hot as ice (like really bad pop)
    10. taylor swift - picture to burn (ok so maybe i like really bad pop and country. and breakup music. a lot. but it's really fun and awesome to sing along to at the top of your lungs. it's so tweenie angsty - apparently since i skipped it i'm making up for it in my twenties.)
    11. dimestars - last destination
    12. shakira - hips don't lie (yes i know the bad pop doesn't get better)
    13. jackson 5 - i want you back (um because who can't use a little jackson 5 in their life?)
    14. where's the party? - from kahbi alvida naa kehna (omg best bollywood song ever, you have to have this if you don't already)
    15. ok go - get over it (amazing. debated between this and "you're so hot" but it's definitely something that could've been physics lounge material)
    16. get set go - sleep
    17. nelly furtado - maneater (i have no explanation why i love this song so much but i do)
    18. the faders - no sleep tonight (hilarious. seriously)
    19. the veronicas - when it all falls apart (ok so i really like kickass break up songs)
    20. pink - so what (again see comment from previous song and references to bad pop)

    personally for you, i'd pick scissor sisters - paul mccartney. i mean really, it's the scissor sisters. and it's amazingly dance-y and it's fun.

    for me, i think i might go with the veronicas - this love... it just seems to be the way this year is going (although i love most of the songs above so who knows)
    also i realize this is the longest comment ever, probably more than you ever wanted.

  4. blast, i also forgot the saturdays - just can't get enough. fabulous fabulous cover - choose that to replace the veronicas - when it all falls apart in my list of 20 for you to choose from.

  5. You're adorable. I'll have to put some thought into this because theme songs are so personal. I'm older than you, and married, and a bit of a romantic, so I think of my husband and sons. I like (for me) Danny's Song and House at Poor Corner by Loggins and Messina (not danceable, but nice). I LOVE TO DANCE though, and I love the idea of you having a new uplifting, danceable theme song. I'll keep thinking as I hear music and let you know if I have a suggestion!

  6. Rhea - The veronicas are australian and way over played here. So, I don't think my *personal* theme song can be one that is played all the time. Of course jackson 5 and the scissor sisters will most likely make on to the list....thanks for playing :)

    Chris - I totally kick it old school ;) If I could listen to only one type of music for the rest of my life it'd be motown. Come back and nominate :)

  7. Dave and I like Jackson.

    I Love the ABBA.

    And I'm going to suggest Make it Mine by Jason Mraz. Totally could be mine!