Thursday, March 19, 2009

A day of Grrr

Last night, The Peach Atrocity went on the fritz. Having a mobile phone that frowns upon communication is a privilege, let me tell you. Today, I took The Peach Atrocity to the mobile phone hospital. Where I sat and watched reruns of Newsradio for a while cradling my menace and whispering sweet nothings to it. Finally, I was allowed to take my dying annoyance before them (men in white coats, I kid ye not). As the man looked at my darling Peach Atrocity and I explained the issue(s) and he ignored me, which don't get me wrong I appreciate, and then began listing inane things that helped me not at all.
1) the warranty was over (I know...)
2) I'd lose everything (alas, I'll never again have a picture of some really creepy sign explaining what a menstraution cup is...I think I'll live) [Although all my contacts are now in fact gone which does suck a bit).
3) "wow - your phone won't even let me save your contacts, its not working as it should" YOU THINK. Ahem.

I tried to stay cool, calm, and collected. Those famous three C's. As I left the little Singing Machine at the mobile phone hospital I hoped our last moment together wasn't spent texting Lo to ask her if she had felt the earthquake?

So, a couple hours later a got a message that The Peach Atrocity survived surgery and I can pick it up tomorrow.

So, remember how I disowned the dating site...I lied. I signed back on and have been far more selective in who I talk to. And it has turned out much better. I gave my phone number to one guy and even had a date with another one tonight. Except he stood me up, so all in all quality day folks, quality.

Now I am watching a tv show that is guaranteed to make me feel like crap. A show called Bondi Vet where a gorgeous blonde vet man spends the show curing animals most of the time (an abandoned joey just died after Gorgeous Man fed him every 2-3 hours all night) ...

Here's to tomorrow!


  1. "News Radio"!? Classic!

    Glad The Peach Atrocity made it through surgery. I'm sure you'll be glad to see him/her with your own eyes.

    We're all socially awkward. Some people just fake it better than others. You're doing just fine. :)

  2. I remember the pink atrocity as the first blog post that I read from you and I got hooked. Although it does sound like it's about time to get another atrocity. Might I suggest neon yellow or vomit green? :P

  3. Chris - It was classic. I was particularly glad to see Dave Foley's smiley face :)

    Burn - Aw, well hopefully the atrocity is as good as new! (although a few weeks ago it did start playing The Final Countdown in the tram - I was able to plead it to stop after the first chorus though)