Sunday, March 01, 2009

My first night in my adorable apartment

Was awful.

My roommate is gone for the weekend, so I get to spend some time adjusting to my new place without the getting-to-know-you hassel. I spent the evening unpacking and watching truly terrible movies on tv (Center Stage and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit). At around ten, I crawled into my new bed in my new room and closed my eyes to fall asleep. Hours later I awoke with a start confused about where I was and totally disoriented as someone banged against all the doors in the complex. My heart pounded as I wondered what I should do, call the police? Go out and see what the hell was going on? Lie in bed and pretend nothing was happening? I chose the latter. Soon after I made my decision it became clear that person wasn't banging on the doors anymore, but had a bag on wheels that s/he was running up and down the stairs creating that horrible noise that bags make when they have wheels and are forced down stairs in a speedily manner. Over and over and over again.

My heart beat slowed as I realised I wasn't in danger of losing my belongings or my life just of losing sleep. The crazy wheeled bag man was either let into an apartment or left and the apartment complex became quiet again. Briefly. About 15 minutes later, the couple in the next apartment started arguing which brought me back to the lesbian couple that lived next to me in apartment senior year at mhc. They'd have such huge fights I always wondered if I should call the police and complain of domestic abuse. The new couple were playing music (some kind of hip hop slow jams) so loudly that the bass made the frames on my wall vibrate. Every now and then the girl would scream "TURN THAT DOWN" or "THIS ISN'T WHAT I WANTED" and the guy would turn it down briefly before turning it back up again. It was so loud.

That was not how I pictured my first night to be.


  1. I would have chosen the latter as well. Glad you're safe, but sorry you're tired. Hopefully it was just one rough night, and the rest will be peaceful.

    You're very brave.

  2. Hmm ... that doesn't sound too great. Hope things improve in the nights to come.

  3. Thanks Laadies! The second night was much better.

  4. I hate my neighbors.

    I dont know exactly what it is they do, but I imagine them to be hippies who go on these ridic acid binges once a month.

    they play 24 hours worth of heavy metal so loudy nobody can sleep. Then, its really quiet for like, two weeks.

    Weirdest. Neighbors. Ever.

  5. It's been so long since I've lived in an apartment I'm not sure I could deal with it.

    Although... with summer coming up and me losing my husband to the lawn mower again maybe it would be a nice change after all!