Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tonight was a big night, first of all it was the first time I've seen Not Daniel since we broke up. Which was only unfortunate because I looked like a poodle (a grumpy poodle) (a note for later, see the orange? That wasn't even purposeful):

In other news, I also joined an online dating site. I thought if anything it would be good blog fodder, but mostly maybe I'd get a few friends out of the deal as well. I never knew it would be so hard. Just picking my username nearly killed me. Decoybetty is my go to username, but I didn't want anyone to able to search and then find my blog! Then my college login is the second in line, but I didn't want anyone to know my name. Do you go with something broad like Melbournegirl1985? or do you go with something ridiculous like Lilujellybean? Bobo the brilliant brought out a high school nickname thebubbleduck but did I want to have to explain my affinity for feeling like a duck in a bubble to strangers (or anyone?)? Should it involve an interest? Amovienut? Should it describe me? Fropuffanonymous or bringingthejewfroback? Should it explore the silly in me - lulubananas - but does that give the wrong idea as I actually totally dislike bananas (its the texture, it gives me the heebie jeebies, I am sorry!)? Bobo and I finally decided on burntorange due to my love of all things orange and my fleece jacket that is of such a colour.

Within minutes of submitting my profile page, I had several requests but each one annoyed me with the lack of correct spelling. I know I spell shit wrong all the time, my grammar sucks! My blog is daily reminder of how little I know about the English language. But I do make an effort to to spell out "what" instead of "wat" and "that" instead of "dat" does that make me crazy?

This is burntorange declaring her love for h's.

Also nominations are still being asked for - I think I need at least 5 to humiliate myself.


  1. Dat. Ew ew ew ew! I fully support your turning down the datters and whatters. Blegh.

  2. I meant "watters" there. See, I hate when people butcher words so much that subconsciously, I can't even type them when I try.

  3. I know - it is painful to think about. How much time do you think is saved by these people that recoil from the 'h'?

  4. My thing is when they use your instead of you're.

    Drives me nuts.

  5. I hear ya, but on this particular website that would be a blessing...since they can't bother typing you or you're...dat is 2 much work 4 dem.