Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Google, You Fiesty Minx.

This here website does not get a lot of funny internet searches.
A. I hardly ever talk about sex.
B. I quote movies a lot and the people find themselves here by misquoting.
C. I generally forget to look at how people get here because the keyword analysis is so boring.

But today, some poor person found themselves here by googling this: what will happen in my first night with my husband.



  1. I'm with you Deidre - I'd prefer to hear that from some good friends vs. my mother.

    I get some horrific search requests and my blog isn't even that raunchy. Upsets me when it's someone clearly looking for sites with "little boy" pics - and not the appropriate variety. Creeps.

  2. Oh Chris - that is very creepy! People can be so gross!

  3. "What will happen on my first night with my husband?"

    Cheeses H. Cripes! I hope it went well, at least. *grimaces

  4. Deidre, I am constantly amazed by the searches that bring people to my website! Some of them are super creepy - not surprising since I am Hooking Up Smart. But so many of them are really poignant:
    "I hooked up and had sex but now he isn't calling"
    "How do I get a girl to like me even if I am nice?"
    "Will he think I am a slut if I sleep with him even though I am in love with him?"

    Seriously, I want to reach out and hug these anonymous searchers. I want to tell them it will all be OK.