Thursday, March 12, 2009

Theme Song: The Last Stretch

First of all, one of the guys I've "met" via the dating site has asked to meet up tomorrow. Suddenly the whole world is different, someone from the internet who doesn't have a blog wants to meet me. Suddenly, this whole thing has gotten totally out of hand - is this what I really want? I know all the smart rules, meet in a public place, tell a friend when and where you're going etc etc. But seriously, what I did kind of impulsively has implications I am not sure I want to face. Except the guy is super cute (according to his photo) and Australian. Swoon. And honestly what's the point of starting off with impulsive things if I can't follow up? One can't be partially spontaneous. He doesn't seem like a creep. The sketchosity level is low.

Let's get back to the point at hand. No offense my beautiful talented readers, but you kind of sucked at the theme song picking. I totally appreciate Rhea's help - and seriously considered adopting a Scissor Sisters song as my newest theme music. But alas, Scissor Sisters scream MHC to me - in a good way - they bring back good memories but that isn't where I am now.

While I was listening to the Scissor Sisters and considering it as my choice, Itunes in its infinite wisdom of shuffle algorithmic genius, started playing Little Jackie - The Stoop. An album my mom bought for me for my birthday but I had previously not really listened too. And, boy, did I ever feel it. However, I am torn between two songs The World Should Revolve Around Me (a lovely groovy beat which mentions the afro...which I appreciate) or The Stoop (all about one's 'hood). But because I am a giver and a lover of making a fool of myself via the internet I give you this (excuse (a) my awkward hands and (b) the awkward editing...I couldn't get the music to end in a non-abrupt away (c) moments where you can't see my face/head are in fact semi-purposeful):


  1. You're supposed to tell a friend where you're going? oops. I'm so bad at this dating stuff it's ridiculous

  2. haha - Well, I think thems the rules, I've never done it myself.

  3. a. go on the date.

    and b. i voted and i like the first one better because it seems like you are having way more fun dancing to that one. i think it should be a happy dance kinda year. just my two cents. :)

    and yes, i agree scissor sisters (much as i love 'em) do scream mhc (except to me it's more of just you and preema but i see what you mean).

  4. I'm excited for you - bring a wingman though. Never hurts.

    I'm not familiar with either song, but you look adorable dancing to both. I really like the green skirt and ponytails. The songs sounded very similar to each other, so it's difficult for me to pick a favorite.

    You're so brave, and so cute!

  5. Rhea - thanks for playing! :) I know its a toss up. the message in the second one might be better - but the first one makes me bust a move...

    Chris - no you're adorable! The skirt is J Crew circa 2001, but I think they still make it. :)

  6. Totally agree with Rhea!!! Although I truly do love both songs :)