Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When tired photogenic memory seems like the appropriate phrase, you know a memory that looks foxy in photos?

For the past few days, all the little things seem to have gone wrong. I haven't filled in a form to the proper specifications or there are too many Americans in my classes or paypal is being slutbagho. It is imperative for me to freak out about these things. I can't not worry about little imperfections in my day to day life. Which led me to write this earlier today while I was waiting for a class to start and being frustrated with the slutbagho that is paypal:

Or maybe just tired, or am suffering from a bout of low blood pressure, or maybe I am sick of being in school, sick of the first weeks with their 'do not plagiarise' speeches and the descriptions of the overwhelming essays and presentations.

I used to think that I could be in school forever. I like reading and writing all the time. What's not to enjoy about flexible schedules and learning and education? And I still do. Well, I like it better than its alternative which at this point...

And then I got sick of my own train of thought and had to move on. So, I sat and wrote one of my dearest and closest friends a lengthy letter the old fashioned way with a purple pen and notebook paper. I wrote about the people watching and the more I wrote the happier I got (see, I do like writing).

Then I went to my class, my class which is at 6:15 pm and if you know me that means I am barely functioning, and I love my lecturer. He is passionate, articulate, smart, helpful, he laughs at my lame jokes [all the other students introduced themselves indicating the plethora of knowledge and work experience that they have. Me? I said my only work experience was a short stint working as a liquor store clerk - which is true but not relevant to Climate Change - unless your solution is drinking away your problems in which case that shooter is a $2.90], and we have chemistry. I am not saying that he and I are going to have some tryst; but for the first time since being at Uni here I've found a lecturer (not the PhD student working so kindly with the lecturer) who genuinely wants me, ME, to succeed. Once again I am excited about learning. I left class exhilerated and thrilled to be back, jubilent even. And then...

Melbourne has been experiencing extreme weather for the past 24 hours which includes high winds, fire warnings, and A LITTLE BIT OF RAIN. As I caught the tram rain drops starting falling and its been so long since I felt precipatation on my skin that I rejoiced. Me and my little red raincoat frolicked along the streets and splashed in puddles when the time was wrote (which is always).


  1. I find myself wondering how much it would cost to drink my problems away. Have the noisy-quarrel-y neighbors died... down? :)

  2. Where have you been all my life? I'm not sure - turns out I was/am a terrible liquor store employee, I think this is a result of not drinking myself...crown royal? what's that? micro brew, who?

    So far so good on the neighbour front!

  3. You make me want to be a student again. I'm so glad to read that you embrace and appreciate this time in your life.