Thursday, April 23, 2009

And then I boogied down to The Jackson Five 2-4-6-8

There is an annoying woman in my class on Wednesday nights. She will not turn off her phone during class so it just rings and rings and she pretends it isn't hers, but we all know it is. last week while the lecturer was talking she walked up to me and reached out to touch my necklace and started telling me how fabulous it is (Well, thank you...could that wait until the man I am paying quite a bit of money to finished talking...). As her hand approached my chest I felt my whole body recoil and then I nearly hissed. She made me so socially uncomfortable I nearly turned into a cat. Seriously.

Another girl read her essay to the class (the lecturer insists that we read aloud, the shade of red I turn is unbelievable) and it was about place and wine. It was delightful.

Annoying girl started going off on some movie she saw "once with Meg Ryan and Kevin Somebody and how he owned a vineyard or something and he made her lick iron and it brought out the iron flavour of wine and blah blah blah. What was the name of the was so fantastic and the scene was SOOO well written and poignant and made the whole movie so so so so...what's the word...what's the name of that movie...oh my goodness it was just this fabulous scene about the flavours of wine...what was the name of that la la la..."

After she paused for a nanosecond I spoke up for the first time, pretty much ever, and was like "French Kiss."

The whole class went silent, I shrugged and said "I know my Meg Ryan movies."

The class erupted in laughter and annoying woman nodded enthusiastically and continued talking about how fantastically magnificent that movie is (if by fantastically magnificent she meant deliciously bad) and how we should all go see it, hire it on dvd, the annoying woman insists!


  1. I have to say this is one of the most hilarious decoybetty posts I've read. Here's a genuine lol.

  2. I'm a first-timer at your blog and I really can relate to this post.
    Annoying classmates are so... so annoying :-)

  3. Goro Shimura - Thank you! I appreciate the genuine laughs :)

    Dutch donut girl - thanks for stopping by! Aren't they? they have to know they are obnoxious....don't they?

  4. Wonderful and amusing post. At least you can laugh um with her...

  5. Twenty Four at Heart - Thank gawd, I am not the only one!

    Megs - Aw, thanks, darl.

  6. "I felt my whole body recoil..." - I know that feeling well.

    I've not seen "French Kiss", but it sounds like I don't need to.