Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Best Second Date Ever

I kind of want to keep it all to myself. But I will share a few things.

Mr Slurpee texted me on Friday morning to see if I wanted to go for drive. He picked me up and off we went to an old mining town in the rainforest.
Beautiful - check!
Cool old cemetery on a hill - check!
Romantic rotunda to get caught in the rain in - check!
Awesome thunder and lightening storm - check!

First kiss in said rotunda during said thunder and lightening storm - ??? ROOKIE MISTAKE Mr. Slurpee, amateur.

In summation: it was pretty, we listened to 80s music in the car (although no Pat Benatar - what kind of 80s mix is it without her? I ask you!), we talked about everything, he wore a striped sweater - swoon.


  1. awwww sounds epic!

  2. Like a modern day "Sound of Music"... you know, Maria and Liesl... in the gazebo...

  3. I'm going to agree with CSquaredPlus3 and say it sounds very Sound of Music but with a definite Latin American twist. Drive in the rain forest? Nice...

  4. Anon - aww indeed!

    Chris - Totally out of a music, very romantic.

    Sara - hah! sound of music meets ferns..obviously.

  5. er a musical...embarrassing.

  6. such a teaser. i want the long version! <-remember that little thing called email ;)

  7. haha - okay rhea! I promise! I will...

  8. Ok, this guy sounds like a fun, adventurous keeper. But I'm torn, because your dating posts are charming and hilarious, and a keeper would mean the end of them.

    Nevertheless... rainforests, mining towns and gazebo kisses: yes, please.

  9. cj - thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the kind words about my posts. ;)