Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maybe Maebe had it right all along? Marry me? No? I've made this weird? Marry me? Maybe?

Dear Someone Else,

Maybe you've had a busy week and that's why we haven't been able to catch up.

Maybe you fell down at work, a giant vine wrapped around your leg and sent you face first into a pile of manure, and you broke your arm and can only type with one hand. And seriously, who can be bothered? I understand, honestly I do. You only have time to check your e-mail, which is why you never say hi to me on gchat anymore....

Maybe I was too forward with the single text I sent asking if you were free this past weekend. Perhaps that was a turn off? I am so sorry if it was. I never meant to offend. I'll never initiate anything again. I promise.

Maybe it's nothing and I am totally overreacting and we will find that we're both online next week and you'll be all "let's go to the aquarium" and I'll be like "marry me?" and you'll think that's a weird thing to say, but blame it on me being an American, and you know how those American chicks are always quoting Maebe and move on.

Maybe you met someone else?

Maybe you're just not that into me?

Regardless of the reason, Someone Else, I'll have you know that my heart still quickens when I think about you. I still get the giggles when I think about the time you said 'we could still hold hands.' Goodness, remember that seven hours we chatted on IM? Does that mean nothing to you? Does it? See, that's the problem. It meant everything to me.

Maybe you'll keep ignoring me from now until forever, wouldn't it be easier Someone Else, if you were just honest...Can't you just man up and come clean? Oh, I miss talking with you. I am not saying, "I love you" or I am going to stalk you or that we should be exclusively for each other. No, all I am saying is I fell a little bit in crush, young man, and I thought you felt it too.

hugs and kisses,



  1. Oh, kitten. xxx, ooo. You're precious.

  2. Sweetheart. He is a Bastard.

  3. Thanks Chris...

    Anonymous = Lo? A douchebag for sure - that I'd forgive instantaneously if he just said "hi"...le sigh - being in crush sucks, man ;)

  4. *cocks gun and unsheaths machete...

    Where's the bastard?

    (cock and unsheath... *teehee!)

  5. I hate being in crush and I have recently come out of mine as well... The problem with him was he was the complete opposite of dochebag... :(

  6. Burn - hehe

    Megs - I know right...I am sorry your crush in unravelling too! be strong, there shall be others.

  7. Hmmmm. Don't you just hate that? How easy it is to feel close to people online, but then how easy it is for them to disappear online? Sucks.

  8. Great letter! Men are so amusing with all of their "quirks" shall we call them?