Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Date with Mr. Slurpee

My criteria for who I allow to contact me on the dating site goes as follows: Is their profile in complete sentences?; do they not smoke?; do they refrain from saying things like "just lukin 2 hav gud time if dats u will chat"? And that's basically it.

Mr. Slurpee's profile was in complete sentences and our first conversation was heavily focused on the amazingness that is the slurpee. I told the story of how you cannot get slurpees at Rod Laver and he told me how there are no 7/11's near where he lives. We had made a tentative plan on Thursday to go out this weekend and partake in slurpees, but my hopes weren't high as last week was the Week of Cancel (seriously, of all my social engagements only ONE person pulled through - Abs, you go girl!).

So, imagine my surprise when he was all "Want to slurpee tonight?" So, I got dressed up in my first date outfit (velour pants - dark blue, black tank top that shows a bit of mid-drift, and a black sheer t-shirt, red shoes - duh) and got to the meeting place 20 minutes early because I am a crazy.

He actually showed up.

Mr. Slurpee and I walked around the city and talked about architecture, my love of James Blake, and his mastery of kung fu. Two and a half hours later we ate some pitiful excuse for Thai food where he was sweet enough to get vegetarian food. I made a mouse out of a cloth napkin. He wasn't impressed (uh, what? come on people, that takes skills. A MOUSE out of a NAPKIN). What's a girl gotta do these days to impress a fella? I'll say it again, A MOUSE OUT OF A NAPKIN.

He walked me to the tram stop and waited with me for the tram. We discussed important topics like toothpicks and flossing. And then the tram came and the awkwardness happened. I was all "is he going to try to kiss me? Hug me? Will he want to see me again? Why does he sometimes remind me of Uncle Dave? That's no good. We're standing awfully (I tried spelling that offly oftenly first - ahem classy) close to each other? Is he going to kiss me? Trams here...Got. To. Go."

I thanked him for dinner. He (jokingly) pouted because I was leaving, but didn't say anything at all. I walked to get on the tram and when I turned to look back he stuck his tongue out at me.

So, I wrinkled my nose.


  1. I don't know about Mr. Slurpee, but I would have been very impressed by the napkin mouse...

  2. He stuck his tongue out at you? Like a kid does? Or in a suggestive, "I want to play sucky face" manner?

  3. Carmen - Thank you, right? I mean it was a mouse! What's a girl to do?

    Twenty Four at Heart - As in like a kid does, he's 27 for christ's sake!

  4. Is it to early to say I love him?

    Oh wait, this is YOUR Mr. Slurpee. LOL!

  5. I'm glad you have such discriminating criteria on who you allow to contact you on your date site. Good girl, kitten.

    Mr. Slurpee sounds cute. I need to hear about a second date...

  6. Burn - It is not too early for you to say you love him...perhaps a bit too early for me to though ;)

    Chris - Yes, I am very picky. Sometimes I even discriminate against age - but it depends on how cute they are. A second date may be in the making...OH lala

  7. Hi, your blog's making me laugh - wtf is a Slurpee though?

  8. that is a super cute 1st date. i am rooting for mr slurpee. i even like the sticking his tongue out gesture, it means he can be silly. also totally unfortunate about the napkin. i would've been impressed. actually i would like a photo of mouse napkin.

  9. lulu - a slurpee is a frozen beverage - like a frozen coke - but generally in atrociously artificial colours and flavours.

    Rhea - I'll see what I can do about a photo of a mouse - the quality of mouse depends on the quality of the napkin