Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Returning to an an old hair!

I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow because its always up in my grill, man. This is how it looks now, and to be fair it's still a bit wet (read as not as pooftastic or frizzdorable as usual), and I actually spent some time trying to make it look pretty (it was for my date with Mr. Slurpee):

I took the photo because I suck at putting on make-up, I am a sorry excuse for a girl. So I sent the pic to bobo-reis to make sure I enhanced my look and didn't you know make a mess of things.
For the most part, the fringe has just gotten out of hand (I'll probably just get 1-2 inches off)...I have nothing else to really say about it, or anything else for that matter really. See, I have this other post that I actually spent time writing trying to make it funny yet poignant. But I am hoping by not posting it the outcome will be different, ya know?

PS I think I am seeing Mr. Slurpee again this weekend, yikes!


  1. I love it when we get to talk about your hair! *clapping*

    I cant tell in the photo that our hair is still a bit de-pooftastic due to moisture. I adore your curls. So fun. Please show us your cut... when it's pooftastic!

    Yay for Mr. Slurpee!

  2. Will do Chris, I suppose for those with straight hair, it does look like my hair is a bit pooftastic (sidenote in australia a poofter or a poof is a gay guy...) but trust me when i say it gets SO much bigger.

  3. I love your curls! Maybe getting poof-free curls is all about finding the perfect product for you, because I've seen some people with some envious curls, let me tell you and yours are so there!

  4. Ohhhh, I am happy you will see Mr. Slurpee again (I do love the hair, just can't resist the romantic update at the end). I thought the sticking tongue out behavior was a very good sign. Fingers crossed. BTW, you are dorbs!

  5. Jummy - Product makes my scalp freak out - it ain't pretty. Naw, it's lovely - and thank you!!

    Susan - Thanks! I'll try and keep you updated on the Mr. Slurpee thing.