Monday, April 20, 2009

This is me writing an essay...can't you tell? No? How awkward. Sometimes, you just have to embrace procrastination...this is one of those times.

Here's my issue: dating sucks. Maybe I am just way behind the curve (you know with all the dating I didn't do in high school and college) or perhaps everyone feels so ridiculously out of the loop in terms of the dating. If it is the latter, I think we need a dating revolution. A call for new rules in dating. I am talking actual rules, people. I am suggesting an obligation to break up honestly with people none of this I-don't-want-to-go-down-this-path nonesense or just ignoring people when you're really trying to say "we're over." I don't care if it's only been three dates, as Ione Skye says in Say Anything...have a little decency, people.

Or maybe this systems fine, it's just that I want so badly to be there that I gett so angry when I find out I am still here, you know? Of course you don't know, that last sentence made zero sense. I could delete it or try again...or I could just keep talking and hope that by now you've forgotten that I cannot speak sensically (as in the opposite of nonsensically, obviously).

See there is all this stuff in the media and movies about That Girl. I do not want to be That Girl. That one that calls too much. Is too clingly, wears sweaters as dresses, or thinks that skirts over pants is an acceptable look. I don't want to be That Girl who desperately needs and wants to see the boy she's dating. Or That Girl who sits waiting by the phone hoping he'll text just to say hi...

I have this giant fear that I've become That Girl. How awkward.

Thank you so much for your support on my last post. I am so glad you guys have got my back.


  1. I've gone just the opposite way. I have had to become so incredibly self sufficient b/c I have a kid and we need to survive. Waiting for someone, more. Don't date much. Open to it but no longer chasing it.

    You won't become that girl, if you just trust that you are worth it and anyone who doesn't see it, is a fool.

  2. Dating/social rules... Would be great if everyone followed them. I struggle as a married 42-year-old with feeling awkward more than I should.

    I'm not much help. It sounds like Mr. Slurpee might be hittin' the bricks. Sassafrass! (as Toddler Child would say)

    You hang in there, Kitten. If you are "That Girl" - you're "That Girl" in the best of ways. :)

  3. Relationships are just tricky period. I've come to realize that all that advice in the magazines is bull. Yes, it did take me 23 years to figure out that not everyone fits into a stereotypical, relationship cookie cutter.

    Good luck!

  4. Bernthis - You certainly have bigger things to worry about! I've heard when one stops chasing it that's when it happens...

    Chris - Naw, this has nothing to do with Mr. Slurpee - well, except that he has the nerve to be busy! And, Thank you!

    Sara - I totally agree; most relationship advice is just trying to figure out what the other is thinking which of course no one knows!

  5. First of all thanks for linking to my blog :)

    I totally understand what you are saying with maybe the system is fine. However, I think that there are so many unhappy people out here when it comes to dating that something is obviously wrong with the system. Let's face it most guys in there 20's to mid 30s (at least in NYC) want one thing and that is sex and most girls think that this is a way to land a guy. The guys don't have to even work that hard anymore. Maybe that is me being bitter, but...

    Anyways as for being That Girl.. I think the only way to prevent that is to be your own girl. When you find the right guy you don't worry about them texting and you don't care that you texted them a few dozen times because they respond. What's annoying is when a guy who didn't mind turns into a guy who disappears... Ok getting of topic..

    Love the post sorry for the novel follow up. ;)

  6. Try not to worry too much about being That Girl. There's a whole other That girl who just worries that she is That Girl.

    I'd try to give you some advice but it would go like this, stumble in the dark for a long time and then fall ass backwards into something awesome. At least that worked for me. If you can't do that just try not to worry.

  7. Megs - you're right!

    Will - Thanks for stopping by! That That Girl...ew! I will certainly try the stumble around and fall into awesomeness technique...

  8. i second will's comment. stumbling around, definitely the way to go.

    also don't worry so much about being that girl. sometimes that girl is just what that guy is looking for. it really all depends on the person.

  9. You're welcome- I was just peeking around the archives and finding myself entertained. I will do more of that as soon as I can.

  10. Rhea - Thanks, I just don't want to be annoying :) haha

    Will - Yay, I am thrilled that you've been entertained in the Land of DB.