Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What are you looking at?

About a week ago, I was standing waiting for the tram chugging drinking a litre bottle of juice. I was in my own little world contemplating the magnificence of the mango and important issues like my new t-shirt ($5) which is sweet as. Lost in thought, I was jerked out of my stupor when I heard a young man say "Look at the girl drinking that juice!" coming from the tram which had just opened its doors followed by a hand reaching out to point at me. I gave the young guys a little wave because lets face it, I know I generally look ridiculous and I am totally capable of laughing at my self. So, I raised my juice bottle to them and carried on with my train of thought.

The next day I went to yoga, on my walk back a truck full of guys drove by and distorted their faces into equally hideous expressions. I shrugged and crossed the street. I blamed my yoga pants which accentuate my non-existent ass.

A few days later, I was exiting the train station, on the escalator going up and two guys going down looked over and one said to the other "dude, check out that girl with the pig tails" and pointed at me -- granted my fro puffs are from the land of awesome.


Do people talk about you in front of your face or is just me? Just me? Good chat.


  1. I assume this happens to me all the time, but I am blessed with the gift of being hard of hearing. Seriously, I can barely hear people when they're talking right to me. I have those __insert ridiculous sentence that I THOUGHT I heard that has nothing to do with anything__ moments all the time, like the senile old women in nursing homes in the movies. This way, when I can see that people are possible talking about me, I get to make up what they're saying.

  2. I just came across your blog this morning and dig it!

  3. Bridget - Well, that kind of is a gift! I do love those moment when you're like "you didn't just say how like to cut cheeseballs in half with tweezers?--ok"

    ScrambledJill - Well, Thank you! I am so glad!

  4. I think it happens more to the young set. When I was younger I heard "comments" spoken deliberately loudly (they want you to hear, my dear).

    Because my grandmother can't hear, she often says things about people standing five feet away in a louder than normal voice. She'll say, "Now that's a NICE looking black man!" (She's 91.)

  5. As long as the afro puffs are above the navel, not below them, it's all good.

  6. Chris - I suppose its mostly the pointing I dislike - your grandmother sounds like a riot! As long as its compliments going around I suppose it doesn't matter, eh?

    x - hah!

  7. I double dog dare you to respond with "I know, right?" the next time that happens.

    That usually shuts them up for me. LOL!

    Hugs, D!

  8. I think it's an Aussie thing, and I think Aussie GIRLS are notorious for it -- worse than the guys, even. I can't stand getting the up and down look from girls here.. I'm constantly checking to see if my boobs have fallen out, if my fly's undone, if my clothes match, if there's boogs hanging out of my nose... nothing! They're just rude bitches, here.

  9. This made me giggle: "Lads, I CAN HEAR YOU."

    I'm sure people talk about me behind my back but in front of me, not so much!