Sunday, May 03, 2009

Awake and grumpy...No, thank you Peach Atrocity.

I go to bed at ungodly early hours usually between nine and ten. It is for this reason that I generally turn off the Peach Atrocity at night so any texts or phone calls don't disturb my sleep. I do not do well with disturbed sleep. The surprise then at 3:45 this morning when my phone started ringing was enough to nearly kill me. Whose calling me? Did someone die? What time is it? I had a been drunk dialled by another dating site member Oodles of Character (OC) which clearly goes to show how little OC knows about me as if I'd a. be awake at quarter to four in the morning b. answer a drunk dial c. leave my warm cozy bed for an illicit romp in his (which let's face it is the only reason to drunk dial). Why didn't I turn off my phone this night of all nights? Perhaps it was because I was too busy coughing myself to sleep or perhaps it's because I fell asleep watching youtube videos or maybe because I figured anyone who would call me would know that I go to bed at sundown.

Now, it's quarter past five and I am still awake. I was planning this post about memories of queche. But now it doesn't seem very clever or interesting. So, I leave with a picture of the queche I made last night (with a potato crust due to the whole gluten-free issues)'s half spinach and capsicum and half broccoli with tomatoes placed along the top. Yum, queche.


  1. I went to bed early in college and at your age, and I still do! There's nothing worse than a night of interrupted sleep...

    Your queche looks and sounds delicious!

  2. Right!

    Thank you! It was! (if you're interested in the gluten free crust recipe just holler)

  3. Beautiful! You just made me so hungry I could eat my own foot!

  4. I think you could at least post that recipe for the did look scrumptious...#;-)...sorry about your early wake up call...#:-(