Monday, May 04, 2009

Date number 5 - Mr. Slurpee style. Alternate title: Environmental guilt

Mr. Slurpee took me for a drive yesterday. We went to Ballarat which is about an hour and a half from the city. What did we do there you ask? We went grocery shopping. Ok, so it was a long drive for rice cakes and the environmentalist in me is horrified that I'd use petrol for such asinine purposes. I mean I walk (WALK) to the grocery store usually or take the tram depending on my location, but driving two hours - that's excessive!

We took a winding road up a "mountain" and Mr. Slurpee pulled off into a look out. I forget sometimes that I live in Australia. You know with the dry grassy hills and eucalyptus. The lunar landscapes and the Dr. Suessian trees. It's easy to just think of the cities and the beaches and not the absolute beauty that it is the country side. The strangely foreign architecture of the buildings and the fire prone fields. Instead of the infinite shades of green that one would find in New England the landscape here is one of browns. The signage: Koalas next 2 km, Kangaroo crossing, and very realistic depictions of little men falling off rocky cliffs. I won't forget how Mr. Slurpee leaned across to look out my window at the breathtaking indescribable view that probably doesn't really phase him at all and the slight ruffling of wings I subsequently felt in my stomach.

And maybe I'll use that feeling to rationalise my use of petrol...because I can't be environmentally perfect. I am doing the best I can and I know it's not enough. But in light of a Sunday spent with a cute boy (IN STRIPES), it is hard to feel too guilty.


  1. No guilt! All's fair in love and war, and the cost of petrol is a drop in the bucket when you've had a Sunday like you described. A cute boy in stripes? Wow!

  2. Well now - Mr. Slurpee sounds v cute and accomplished. Love that tummy flip thing. And don't feel guilty - there are a lot worse things to feel guilty about ...take it from me !!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog by the way - appreciate it !

  3. Your entries about Mr. Slurpee hearken the days when getting to know someone (I don't dare say "falling in love") was simple and pure, gosh darn it, and I love it.

  4. Chris - Yes, Australia is a beautiful and sunburnt country, I SHOULD take a advantage...particularly if a cute boy in stripes wants to spend the day with me.

    Selina - Thank you for visiting my blog! He's very adorable.

    Jummy - I'm so glad you enjoy the entries! :) and I don't dare even think about the "L-word" I still worry if he'll call me this week!

  5. I feel like I was there with you! Which would have been odd for Mr. Slurpee, as he would probably be in the backseat, not able to get a word in edgewise!

  6. Does Mr. Slurpee have a sexy Australian accent? Because if so, all sins are immediately forgiven.

  7. Becky - Yes, poor Mr. Slurpee - he'd be the third wheel for sure if it were you and I!

    Mamacita Chilena - He does have a sexy australian accent. It isn't fair, he talks and I stare adoringly.

  8. Yummy.

    And that "mommy" thing? Sometimes it's a gramma thing instead.

    My gramma was more nurturing that way.

  9. Can you take a picture of the little men falling off the hills? I imagine it like the "beware of moose" signs in Canada or the little people running across the border signs in the southern US.

    So, it took me this long to realize that you are writing from Australia. I'm a dolt.