Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Environmental Wednesday: The Sickly Edition (alternate title, The Lame Edition)

My desk is my bed. Which means that half my bed is generally covered with notebooks, pens, readers, and other miscellaneous research materials. And at the moment, a box of tissues and a pile of used tissues (yes, I am disgusting...what's your point?). Seeing all that paper, oh the guilt! After doing a wee bit of research on the Hanky versus Tissue debate it becomes clear that hankies are the more environmental choice. Unless I can get my hands on some recycled paper tissues, it might be time to invest in some hankies...

They kind of gross me out, hankies that is, is it just me? How do you feel about them?

When I am with my dad and ask for a tissue, he always goes "I have a handkerchief [really is that how that is spelled]..." and as he hands it to me I ask "is it clean?" and he replies nonchalantly "mostly." I know we're family, but ew!


  1. I absolutely find Handkerchiefs (Yes, it is in fact spelled that way!?) quite disgusting. For some reason. Because I am totally the type of person to reuse the paper tissue in her coat pocket. What does that say about me?

  2. It all depends, I guess.

    I always carry a hanky on me which I never personally use. It's perfectly clean for the unsuspecting damsel in distress that needs to wipe away tears.

    Of course in this situation, by damsel in distress I mean Channing Tatum. And by tears, I mean manly chest sweat.

    But using my own hanky for my nose grossness?


  3. Crazy how I just realized that's it's tomorrow (at least from where I am, in Chile) where you are. I thought you had done some magic to make the date say Wednesday.

  4. Evolutionary Revolutionary - I'm totally the same way! Maybe it's time to buck up and change our ways. And then why don't we call them handkies?

    Burn - I get the feeling that Channing Tatum might like to shed a few tears. I don't know why I feel like that.

    Sara - I know, Australia is in the future. It IS crazy.

  5. Tissues all the way, But I do adore delicate handkerchiefs of olden days!

  6. i have always thought handkerchiefs to be absolutely novel. i love them. but i'm not sure i would ever use them for their actual purpose. I do believe hankies would be the more environmentally friendly choice but ummm... what if you run out? what then?

    and um, i agree, there are some things even family shouldn't share.

  7. Hankies sound romantic, but once you've left a little deposit, do you really want to carry that around in your purse or pocket? Risk spreading the germs on your cheeks or hand or... I don't know.

    I carry a cotton bandana when I run, and think nothing of wiping my nose, my sweat, and repeating again, and again, and again.

    So... I guess you could try a handkerchief. Don't share though.

  8. Becky - I hear ya

    Rhea - see that's the thing...Don't you do the same with tissues? I suppose you'd just have to do laundry?

    Chris - it seems the handkerchief is all just stigma! Let's begin a Hanky REVOLUTION!