Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Environmental Wednesday

Did you know that my goal in life is to be a science writer? Did you know that I am totally unqualified for this? Did you know I'm kind of freaking out about it? Now, you do.

My ideal job would be to write a bi-weekly column for an Australian newspaper that discusses climate change, physics, sustainability, and how all that relates to you, me, and our communities. The problem is I have no writing credentials. I don't have ANY credentials.

So, I thought in preparing myself for writing freelance articles that I am going to pawn off on publications and try not to beg and plead with (but definitely praying for) them to hire me. I'd start writing a weekly segment on here. How do you feel about that?

Is this old hat? When it comes to climate change are you all "I get it change my light bulbs blah blah blah"? Because I am not going to lie to you while that is important I am talking about bigger changes. And I can't really explain to you why this is so important to me. Why it's more important to me than dying people and the atrocities of man kind on humanity. But it is. Maybe it's because I feel like I have to speak for what cannot speak for itself. Or maybe it's because I want to see the world in its infinite beauty and complexity and I'd like your children to be able to too. Or maybe there is no reason for it and it's just part of who I am. And that really isn't the important question. The important question is what am I going to do about it - climate change - and what I am going to do is write because that is how I communicate best. I am hopeful because I have to be, and just maybe we can all learn a little something.

Welcome to Environmental Wednesdays!


  1. I would like to be a physicist which I am completely unqualified for so I wish you well.

  2. I feel GREAT about it! I don't think it's old hat, and who cares if it is? Not I!

    Write on, Kitten... write on.

  3. Write to our hearts content... Follow your dreams and they will take you to amazing places... Wow sorry for the cheese.

  4. Will - Have you read the Elegant Universe? Awesome physics book about string theory met for the lay people!

    Chris - Aw, thanks!

    Megs - I like cheese - particularly Brie.

  5. Woot! I approve! Lay it on us!

  6. Go for it! I don't think anyone can ever talk too much about such issues.

  7. omg. the Elegant Universe - so much love. I swear I stole half my thesis from that book.

    and "qualifications" are overrated. you are smart. you know about physics. you know about climate change. you can write. sounds qualified enough to me.

  8. Environmental Wednesday? I can stand it if you can.

  9. Bridget - Oh, I plan to lather it on, Sunscreen style.

    ScrambledJill - You're right! Anything you'd like to talk about?

    Rhea - Right? I tell everyone and their brother to read it. I am not very good at selling myself.

    Twisted Susan - Well, I'll settle for "standing" it at the moment, but I hope it in a few weeks it is fully embraced :)

  10. What a great idea! I would love to be an Astronomist but I know absolutely nothing about the stars! Except ... they're really pretty! : )