Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting my whinge on.

Whinge is one of the few Australian (or British? who knows) slang words I feel I can get away with without sounding like a poser. It means to whine or protest or complain.

I am sick. Again. Head cold, snot production, achy. HOT. I feel so disgusting in fact that I am skipping uni today. I had a rule at MHC that I could only skip class if I was going to do something fun or if I was dying; I could only skip class once per subject per semester (I like my self made rules). Here I've tried to keep that rule up but this semester I've skipped class because I was actually sick. and instead of going to class I've slept.

So, I am sick. I don't have any honey for tea. And instead of going to class and learning I am going to sit in my bed and do some reading. BO--OR-ING.

Last time I was sick, I wanted to throw a pity party, this time - I am angry. But there isn't much to do for a headcold outside of drinking a lot of water and sneezing a lot. So, I'm off to do those things. Stay well, my readers. No matter what anyone tells you the chapped lips and tissue chafed nose is never in style.


  1. But having chapped lips gives you lots of opportunity to try new chap sticks! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Umm, staying in bed reading is considered boring? SHIT!

  3. Donut girl - thank you!

    Carmen - So true, which is your favourite?

    Evolutionary Revolutionary - no, only when it's for an essay i'd rather not be writing. Otherwise reading in bed is a definitely NOT boring.

  4. I'm sick too! I've had a terrible head cold with a sore throat. I'm sneezing, but mine aren't cute like yours. I sound like a large, older man. Pretty.

    Hope you're feeling better, and you found some honey, honey.

  5. Chris - I am so sorry! :( being sick is such a bummer! I hope you feel better - and I am sure your sneeze is amazing.