Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to Annoy me...

One way is to spell my name wrong. My real name. I care less if you spell my fake name wrong - I spell my fake name wrong, occasionally I forget I have a fake name. But my real name is only 4 letters. Work with me people. I know the silent 'k' is hard, but my mom always was a fan: Kmary.

Happy Mother's Day from Australia - You guys rock. Seriously.


  1. That's kind of like my email address.

    It's elsa22 and people often think my name is elsa.

    I think I'm going to have a hard time thinking of you as Kmary instead of Deirdre.

  2. My Aunt who has known me my whole life always spells my name with an H. I don't know why it bugs me so much when people spell my name with an H. Plus if you have known me my whole life shouldn't you know how to spell my name or just go with my nickname... It is so annoying

  3. Oh man, if you have problems, you can only imagine what I go through. My name "starts with an X."

  4. Sometimes Bossy spells her own name Boozy, but that's what she is at the time. Does THAT count?

    DecoyBetty: great name!

  5. Dina - kmary was just an example :). I hear ya people seem to neglect the NAME with which you sign your emails.

    Megs - I can totally see how that would annoy you! Maybe it's some slight your aunt lobbied hard for meaghan spelled with an 'h' and is horrified that your parents chose to spell it Megan instead?

    x - I cannot imagine the trouble you have trying to spell your name over the phone.

    Bossy - hah, boozy. Thank you, Decoybetty is a nickname from highschool :)

  6. As a little girl, I went by Chrisy instead of Chris. I misspelled it in kindergarten (leaving out an extra "s") and never corrected it. Still irritated me when it was spelled Chrissy, Krissy, Crissy, etc... The worst part? By my own family.

  7. Um I don't understand how people could misspell your real name. I mean I seriously don't understand... I mean my name is only 4 letters long too but I get that it's not common and apparently quite confusing. But um your name is not that confusing in fact I'm not sure that I'm creative enough to misspell it and have it be phonetically correct. Weird

  8. Chris(y) - I can totally see how you would misspell it. I mean Cristina only has one s. Annoying family.

    Rhea - I know right. They enjoy adding extra letters. and I's and E's...Your name isn't that difficult either.