Friday, May 15, 2009

If I created the world...

Bobo and I are on the job hunt. It isn't fun. In fact, it is the opposite of The Fun. The other day while we chattered away on IM about a range of issues we discussed what would happen if we ruled the world:

Colleges would apply to students to try and make them attend their institutions.
Jobs would apply to the out-of-work instead of the other way around.
The SAT would not exist.
The GRE would be a bad dream.
Gluten-free brownie mix would have its own dispensers on refrigerator doors (as well as Rootbeer and Ginger beer - Bundaberg specifically).
We wouldn't be killing our earth.
Or argue about gay marriage.
The rainforest wouldn't be on the outs and the coral reefs wouldn't be bleaching.
Clouds would be like trampolines - but softer and more cloud like.
Boys would express how they feel about you.
And not wear too much cologne.
They wouldn't grow unfortunate facial hair splotches.
They would wear stripes always.
and embrace nerdy glasses.
They would not wear headbands.
Or wear pants that sat below their asses (Seriously dudes, if I want to see your underwear...I'll ask).

What would you decree if you ruled the world?


  1. Boys (and some girls) would ensure their nails were filed and clean.

    People would treat public bathrooms like they do their favorite possession. Ensuring a clean, non-traumatic, public restroom experience for all.

    Baked goods, when eaten in excess, would not bloat or puff a person.

  2. ha. i love your list. i'll have to think of one for myself.

  3. No one would ever snap their gum or chew with their mouth open.

    I'm sure I have more than this...but I can't think of anything else right now. I'll get back to you.

  4. oh yeah...
    Asking someone out on a date or breaking up with someone via text message would be outlawed. ;-)

  5. Chris - Amen on public restrooms - Although I do enjoy when people write on the walls at uni.

    Rhea - thanks!

    Bellacantare - I don't mind being asked out on a date via text (I really hate the phone) - but breaking up with someone is definitely a no-no!

  6. Fake people & people who suck would vanish into thin air.

  7. The infantry would last an hour with no pain!

  8. LOVE this list.

    Are you running for president of the world anytime soon, coz I'd seriously vote for you.

  9. Dutch Donut Girl - I hear ya! Down with people who suck...that's what she said?

    Becky - AMEN, sister.

    Demigod - Aww! :) I've missed you!

  10. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." still called the Golden Rule...nothing new but would make for a better world...and we'll get you to enforce it...Haha...#;-)

  11. i like the idea of cloud trampolines