Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, if you feel like loving me, if you got the notion, I second that emotion.

"The messy insides" - I read that somewhere. Doesn't it conjure up images of a bread bowl with slimy noodles in the middle. Something that probably tastes good but looks horrendous?

In every relationship, there comes the moment when instead of throwing out a few little random tidbits ("I don't wear jeans", "I've never been bowling", "I have claustrophobic feet" or "I sometimes get Outkast and the Black Eyed Peas mixed up") you lift the lid off the bread bowl and expose the goop in the middle. The messy insides that make up who we are in our entirety. I've spent my whole life avoiding lifting the lid off. I'm very scared that some boy is going to stomp on all that insecurity. In the past, when this has come up I've ended the relationships. Dude, who wants to see my messy insides? They're gooey, gluten-free, and apparently smell like fudge - actually that sounds delicious (there is hope for me yet!).

But now, at this moment, I can see how it's done. I can imagine that'd be nice to get past the outer superficial knowing and to try the messily presented spaghetti smothered in an unidentifiable sauce (I'm picturing pesto).

Maybe he'll blow raspberries on them instead?


Thanks to Bossy for featuring me in her "Bloggers. They're Just Like Us" segment


  1. There are a few random tidbits that make me raise an eyebrow if I learn them too early in a relationship. My new one? Drinking milk with dinner... as an adult. WHAT!?

    Your messy parts are precious. Silly.

  2. Oh this is awesome... I'm usually open up way to early and scare people of with the gooey insides instead of ending a relationship. I'm working on this. I have no filter.

  3. If Briefcase left me or fell over dead tomorrow no one - and I mean NO ONE would want me. Which is actually okay, because I'm fine being on my own. But my gooey insides are way too gooey ...!

  4. Chris - drinking milk with dinner - totally eyebrow raise worthy! Who does that? WHO!

    Megs - That might be me this time...I feel like I am going to unleash some goo - its going to be all ghostbuster-like up in here (Maybe I AM Sigourney Weaver!?)

    24 @ heart - that's a lie. Grocery Guy was on you like white on rice.

  5. am I the only person who envisioned gross intestines when you said "messy insides"? clearly I've been watching too much Grey's Anatomy.

    grey's aside I will say that terrifying as it might be opening up (yes I tend to run in the opposite direction as well most of the time), I think that with the right person it can be quite rewarding. but um I would suggest maybe not showing *all* the messy insides together. bits at a time seem to work well.

    though my philosophy has always been that if it's the right person it doesn't matter what you do because it will just work. no matter how ridiculous it may sound. case and point: I told my gf she was my soul mate the first night I met her while she was on a date with a boy at a lesbian bar and we were both completely wasted. I mean really everything was going against that one working out but every day I fall for her a little more. and that was the wed before last thanksgiving.

    errr that was a little long winded but the basic idea is that when it works it works and that person will give you the benefit of the doubt. and sometimes you will still be more embarassed about it than your partner.

  6. Rhea you are SO Ted from HIMYM. :) Love it! I am not planning on spilling EVERYTHING. But some things must be discussed I'd imagine.

  7. D, I'm not sure exactly how to take that since I've never watched HIMYM and I have no idea who this Ted guy is. but I'm going to take it as a compliment for the time being. and of course some things must be discussed. with time more and more. ;)