Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Sneeze...The bonus of being sick....

It has been well documented on this website that people seem to think my sneeze is adorable. And there was a request to capture said sneeze by Jummy. And I am a giver. So, in an ideal world this would have been an adorable picture of me with the sound of the sneeze. But I don't have to time to mess with imovie - I have AN ESSAY TO WRITE. And although I've sneezed 98 times today (give or take about 90) it was really difficult to capture one of them. So, I look ridiculous. What else is new?

Also don't forget to check out this week's Environmental Wednesday post about tissues versus Handkies.

Also Also, while writing this I've sneezed 3 4 more times.


  1. See at least now something good came out of you being sick! You got to share The Sneeze with the whole world!

  2. At least you have found it humorous. I am also sick but luckily I have no essays to write. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Now you sneeze whenever I get a new email on my blackberry.


    The recoil with the little mousy squeak? LOVE. IT.

    My new ringtone ROCKS!

    And yes, do feel better soon. I didn't want to wish you well until The Sneeze was captured for posterity. :P J/K!

  4. You are very funny. Yes, that IS a cute sneeze.

    I hope you feel better!!!!

  5. Becky - HAH! Indeed. I am sure the world is grateful ;)

    Megs - Aww, I am sorry you're sick! It totally sucks, doesn't it?

    Burn - Thank you! I can only hope that in public people think its you and start screaming "bless you" a lot.

    Dina - Thanks! You too, my dear!

  6. I was a little sceptical, because I have heard people sneeze their heads off and there was nothing adorable about it. But yours is adorable!

    Did you inherit your sneeze? Or is it just you?

  7. It's a kitten sneeze... I knew it would be!

    Hope you're feeling better. :-)

  8. Wow, I didn't think anything could be cuter than a panda sneezing, but you give that panda a run for its money!

  9. Donut Girl - Thank you. I inherited the volume, but the squeak is just me.

    Chris - Thanks Chris. You're right, whiskers would've made this video better.

    Diary of Why - I still haven't seen that Panda sneeze - I'll be youtubing that ASAP.

  10. Awww, you poor sweetie. Loved the sneeze, tho. I'm sure your mama would love to feed you chicken soup right now...

  11. Bless you...

    Hope you're feeling better now

  12. Oh my! That is the funniest thing. As you know, I've been feeling a bit low (and thank you for your kind comment) but that has just made me laugh out loud.

    You look as cute as your sneeze too....

    You're fab - thank you. Get well soon x

  13. Susan - Yes my mom sends me emails everyday asking for snot by snot account of how I'm feeling.

    Lulu Labonne - Thank you!

    Selina - Your welcome! and Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I cannot wait to get home and hear this!!!

  15. And almost a week later I have listened to it and it is too cute for words! Love it!