Sunday, June 14, 2009

Because I know you can't sleep at night...

Without hearing about my hair sometimes. I got a hair cut awhile ago and I posted a bunch of pics of my hair looking ridiculous. Well, I was getting ready for a day out in the city when I realised that I was looking more and more like this:

I mean, seriously?
So, that's awkward.


  1. It's just that I LOVA your hair like I LOVA your dress!!

  2. I. Am. Loving. your hair! Srsly. If I ever start doing drag I'm buying a whole bunch of wigs inspired by your curls.

    And calling myself Curly Fahgina.

    Uh... was that TMI?

  3. I love the hair and the outfit! Especially the orange belt. You're adorable!

  4. Becky - haha! I always forget about "lova your dress" AWESOME.

    Burn - Thank you!! Curly Fahgina? swee-eet!

    Kelley - Thanks for stopping by!

    Chris - Thank you! the orange belt is Jcrew. :)

  5. Your hair is amazing. I just cut off most of my hair. I'm not sure what I think, but I am pretty sure in a few months I will be sporting this same style.

  6. Megs - I expect to see some Pat Benatar action then! Or at least baby from dirty dancing.

  7. Oh there will be. I'm rocking the headbands on my run. It is such a sexy look ;)

  8. Is there something wrong with your hair? I like it.

  9. Meg - head bands are awesome, I have some issues with them - they don't compliment my face. But I can bet you look adorable!

    Dutch Donut Girl - No, there is nothing wrong with it. except that it is silly.