Monday, June 29, 2009

A Cheese Day.

I adore cheese. And that is not a secret. I tell anyone who will listen about my love for that branch of dairy products. So, it seemed only natural that Bobo and I would head to the land of cheese, Cabot, Vermont. If you're ever in the neighbourhood I highly recommend you go check out this sweet little factory.

We walked into the gift shop and I was surrounded by, wait for it, CHEESE. chilli lime cheddar, horseradish cheddar, tomato and basil cheddar, private stock cheddar, oh the delicious list goes on and on. They were all available for sampling. And sample we did. Lots of sampling. I think I tried each thing at least twice (I suppose that is discouraged?). We then watched a brief video of how Cabot got started. Did you know that Cabot cheddar cheese contains no lactose? Because they remove all the whey?

Anydoodle, after buying approximately $30 worth of cheese, Bobo and I hit the road again and returned to my little idyllic town across the river.

I like cheese.


  1. You lucky duck! I had the complete intention of taking that same factory tour on vacation in VT a few years ago, and then it was closed! The nerve! So we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory instead. I am still dying to pay homage to my favorite dairy product. One day...

  2. I like cheese too. :-) Sounds like you're having an amazing time, kitten. I'm happy for you. xo

  3. Diary of why - Ahh, I have only once gone to the Ben and Jerry factory where they have successfully been making icecream. The first time there was 3 inches of cream covering the entire floor.

    Chris - Cheese is good. And so is being in New England! Thanks!

  4. You should visit the Netherlands then. We have cheese all over the place. That's why we call Holland the `cheese country' but it's expensive :(