Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Environmental Wednesday: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back Edition

Can you tell me two things you do in your daily life that focuses a little more on reusing and reducing?

Here are some things I do:

I wash and reuse ziploc bags.

I avoid paper towel use, instead I use dish towels. One roll of paper towels lasts me over a year.

The next free moment I have, I am planning on purchasing 3 handkerchiefs.

I live in an apartment and don't have room for a garden, but I planted basil in a pot by the kitchen window; which inspired my house mate to plant thyme and parsley.


  1. I've been trying to buy a tomato plant and herbs for my balcony. This inspires me to do it this weekend. I hope I'm not to late to get the tomato plant.

  2. Hmmmm... I use paper products, but I purchase brands made from recycled materials [napkins, and paper plates are occasionally used by little boys... not always though]. I only purchase organic, free-range eggs. We all turn the water off when we're brushing our teeth. We open and close windows strategically to maximize warmth or coolness in our home. We're tryin', kitten!

  3. i recycle my newspaper and most everything else i can.

    and i drink filtered water instead of bottled.

    i don't know if i do much else. i do try. i don't use a/c for the most part in the apt or the car. i try to be good about turning off the lights (we generally are at our apt). basic stuff ya know.

  4. That's great. I feel like such a waster here. I use a lot of paper products and when I go tot eh grocery store the baggers seem to think it's rude to put all of your stuff in just a couple bags. Instead, they practically give you one bag for every item purchased. It leads to a lot of awkward trips home.

  5. Megs - It's not too late (I don't think) as long as you're buying a plant and not planting it by seed.

    Chris - Good on ya!

    Rhea - bottled water is the devil - especially the fiji water...that's actually bottled in fiji and FLOWN to the US.

    Sara - have you considered bringing your own (cloth) grocery bags into the grocery store?

  6. I separate the plastic from the carboard when recycling kleenex boxes.

    I bring home things like milk cartons from work and recycle them because our work system isn't set up for this.

    But when it comes to using paper towels and toilet paper...I am far too wasteful. I've known I need to cut back for a while now :(

  7. I'm like Jummy...We use way too much toilet paper and paper towels. But our toilet paper is recycled. I mean it's recycled paper. We don't recycle it after using it ; )

    I rarely use bottled water. I have a reusable bottle I use all the time. It's like my baby.

    I use reusable bags when I go to the store.

    I'm vegetarian. That counts for something, I think. Although it would be better if I was vegan.

    I don't drive too much. We try not to make unnecessary trips.

    I try to not use many lights during the day, and turn off lights at night when we're not using them.

    That's about all I can think of!

    Oh! I reuse ziploc bags in terms of packing. But I don't wash them and use them again for food. I never thought about doing that. Maybe I'll try it : )