Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Queenie.

Today is Her Majesty's birthday. Which, clearly, means that Australians get the day off. When asked if they'd like to leave the commonwealth, I've found most Australians will answer something like "but then we won't have The Queen's birthday off." And this is their serious concern. Occasionally, when I am feeling chatty, I may respond "Couldn't you just have 'Prime Minister' day and honour past Ministers" and then they look at me like I am crazy, "who would do that?" they ask. "Um, Americans, its called President's Day...."

Last night I went out in the city for dinner. And as I got on the train to go home I sat down and was busy erasing messages on my phone and eaves dropping on the conversation next me. Two people who clearly thought they were hilarious were cracking each other up. I was deep in thought, it's been a big few days, and didn't notice a kid (19 maybe?) sit across from me until I felt his eyes on me. So I looked up and he was staring at me intently. I looked him right in the eye, as if to say "you want a piece of this?*" and he smiled and laughed and his friend leaned down and said drunkenly in my ear, "Hi! This is me mate, Shane!" Then like we were some train anonymous group I found myself saying "Hi Shane." They laughed and moved so they could all sit together further down the car.

As I drifted back into thought and contemplated how cloudy my brain felt and what shoes I should pack and how much I hate dating but love it all the same, the train moved along towards Richmond station. The drunk kiddilinks started streaming off the train and I paid them no mind because seriously, I am gone for a month...2 pairs? Chacos and maryjanes? or three pairs? chacos, maryjanes, and sneakers? Three pairs. Definitely three pairs...When I heard Shane say something which I assumed was to one of the girls in the posse...but apparently was to me because as they left the train he pointed through the window at me and said to his friend "Well....She isn't very nice."

*Not like "you want to sex me up" but like "If you wanna go, let's go, because I am pretty sure I can kick your ass**"

**I couldn't of.


  1. I totally had flashbacks of Jodie Foster in that movie where she goes all vigilante and shoots the ever-living jeebuz out of a punk on the train.

    Dark and twisty. I bet you coulda taken "Shane".

  2. Shane my man, leave the booze at home.

  3. Demigod - I dunno, Shane had a posse. I had my fro puffs.

    Chris - My guess is very few people do.

    Dutch Donut Girl - right? boozehounds.

  4. Funny how the Brits don't get a day off for the queen's birthday - I guess she doesn't feel she has to schmooze us.

  5. Lulu LaBonne - Indeed, but I also heard that the Brits have like eleventy billion bank holidays and that's why they don't get the day off.