Monday, June 01, 2009

A little bit of this...and just a wee bit of that.

Mr. Slurpee and I get in the same argument (and by argument I mean indignant statements followed by teasing) every time we see each other.

Him: You ranger [pronounced wrang-ah].
Me: I do not have red hair!
Him: You do...
Me: I DON'T!
Him: you're a ranger...
Me: I am not! I wish I was....
Him: Red head.
Me: BROWN. Blonde highlights. BROWN.
Him: *sighs* ranger.


You know where is an awkward place to try and talk a scared friend into trying a bikini wax just once? Swanston Street - the middle of the city, with thousands of people walking around while you casually talk about "unruly nether regions" and "clippers" and "Look, its going to be awkward, you're having someone drip hot wax on your inner thigh..."


I'm supposed to be researching an essay at this very moment. But I am hungry and a bit grumpy and not as motivated as I should be. Look, I fly home in a week and 2 days. I am finally excited about it, ok, so the puppy upped the excitement ten fold. But now, how can I not be looking forward to days on end spent working in my mom's garden, cuddling with horses, playing with puppies, canoeing with Bobo, playing with neicephews, and rejoicing in the greenery! Green! Grass - GREEN GRASS.


  1. You were talking bikini waxes out in the middle of the street? You must be just like me ...! : )

  2. I'm getting excited about the prospect of this puppy!

  3. It's nice to know you and Mr. Slurpee are still playin'. Hope he's wearing striped t's for you.

    I understand your distraction, but focus on your essay!

  4. Becky - Oh yeah! Although I just had a dream that we had to fight alligators in Lake Tar Tar.

    24 at Heart - haha, yeah! I don't flash people quite as much (I don't think)

    Lulu Labonne - he's so cute!

    Chris - I am. I am. I promise.

  5. Hot wax?! I'm scared too :-) Can you die during a Brazilian wax?!

    P.S. You're now a proud new member of the-you-know-what-club.

  6. OK, this is going to sound totally random, but you remind me so much of Elizabeth Bennett (who is my favorite woman in the entire world, ever, even though Jane Austen made her up). You are feisty and funny and smart. I can just picture you in your mom's garden, near the horses, with a circa 1820 bonnet on and a big bow under your chin. Now all we need is for Mr. Darcy to show up.