Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Love Letter

Dear New Hampshire,

I love you. I do. And there are plethora of reasons why. I love that we live free or die. I love that we don't have a sales tax. I adore the Old Man on the Mountain (although for everyone's sake say no to a prosthetic one...yeah?), I love that we're the White Mountains. I love that my favourite memories take place in your hills, your lakes, your mountains. I adore you.

We've had our disagreements for sure - I am not too keen on the fact that you're still struggling to figure out a fair way to fund public schools, dude - my love, its been over a decade.

And I know, I know, I've moved as far away as I can get. But that doesn't mean I love you any less.

Especially on a day like today. When you legalise gay marriage. Oh New Hampshire, we've come so far! Good for you, for seeing the light. Equality!

Now, keep on living free - because I am not ready for you to die.

Yours always,


  1. Yay NH! And yay for New England, with 5 of 6 states allowing gay marriage.

    Despite the freezing cold, Puritan reserve and annoyingly heavy beach traffic, I love this tiny, civilized corner of our giant, crazy country.

  2. i <3 NH too.

    score card:
    new england 5/6.
    rest of the country 1/44.

    seriously, new england is totally winning the equality race.

  3. Becky - I adore you! and NH. and equality.

    cj - ahh, yes. the puritan reserve - kind of describes me perfectly.

    Rhea - New England is definitely winning the equality race. Now, if only it could step up its environmental policy race.

  4. Lovely letter! Well said, kitten. :-)

  5. You may have some competition with NH, luv.

    0% Sales Tax?
    Gay Marriage?

    Now the only thing missing is if it gave me a pair of ovaries and a uterus and it would be the fabled Shangri La!

  6. Chris - Thanks!

    Burn - I'm a lover not a fighter, we can both have NH. Sadly, last I heard NH wasn't giving away ovaries. tragic. I'll write that in my next letter to my congress(wo)men.

  7. Equality indeed. Nobody should have the right to tell people who they can and cannot marry.