Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Travel Haikus

Oh, travel how I
adore thee. Delays I care for
Less. A deployed slide?

Dolly Parton wants
her hair back. And the blue eye
shadow. Seriously.

Let my love open
the door. Oh Peter, is that
A threat? Say it again!

People named Hugh are
a slice of foxy. Yes, yes.
Dancy? Grant? Jackman?

Turbalance. Yee ha!
Oy, Dolly Parton rubs off
on me. Don't like that.

Truck! Guy? A guy? Guy?
Yes, a guy drives the truck. Yes.
That's a boy at two.


  1. Lovely! For the record, I adore Dolly Parton. :-)

    Hope you're having fun, Kitten!

  2. Lovely haikus - sounds like you're having fun

  3. Chris - Dolly's got a good thing going for her, It's a shame some woman though she could steal her look though!

    Lulu Labonne - Thank you! I am having a great time!

  4. The next time you're going to quote my 2 year old son on your blog, could you ask first? Just kidding, but seriously, it's like you have a tape recorder in my house!