Saturday, June 06, 2009

Well, I'm not in the mood

Dear Modem,

You are a kinky bloody freak. I'll admit that occasionally I may provoke your dirty talk by pressing your um, button(s). But still you don't have to repeatedly tell me that I'm "turning you on." Look, I know I am, but Modem you asked for it! You keep turning yourself off. I need more than hour, you know? Seriously, Modem. I don't have time for your games. Can't we just get this job done and move on? Why you gotta play me like that? Fine. If that's how you feel I'll use someone else to fulfil my needs. Yeah, I said it.

We can try again tomorrow, but you aren't working with me today, Modem. Seriously, can't you just man up and commit? What's with the Intimate Lite that you're throwing my way, Modem?



  1. You kids teach me new things. Now I know "intimacy lite". Thanks!

  2. Modems can be such drama queens ;)
    So keep strong. I'll be rooting for you.