Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Environmental Wednesday: Quiz Edition

Remember when I used to do Environmental Wednesdays? Ahh, those were the good ole days. Well, THEY ARE BACK my peoples.

I just joined Stumbleupon and one of the first sites they sent me to was this one: Ecofoot.

The site gives you a little quiz to see how many earths we would need if everyone lived the life style that you do. If everyone lived like I do we'd need 2 and a half. Horrifying. I blame my plane travel mostly for that, but still!

So, take the quiz!!


  1. I got the same thing! That was one of the first sites stumble brought me too. Dave used 3, sad day!

  2. Seems the UK isn't yet activated on Ecofoot so I guess my carbon footprint is OK until someone says it isn't!

    Quick quesion: are you the Deirdre that used to comment on my blog a few months ago - or a new Deirdre entirely? If the former: welcome back - I wandered where you'd gone. If new: hello and pleased to meet you! Do hope you'll return.

  3. Becky - three! wow - shame on Davo.

    Steve - the UK isn't activated that is shameful! I think I am new...

  4. Oh you are back! :-) I'm scared to do the test. I will probably need 5earths :(