Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hokey Pokey of Blog Posts (I put my hair in...she cuts it unevenly out - goodness that isn't catchy)

1. I just found this video from this Melbourne music blog and I fell a little bit in love:

2. I just got a hair cut and I am not sure how I feel about it. Is it really bad? I mean, I have FRINGE! Like real honest to god Fringe and it is kind of merging on to The Very Curly Mullet I ok with that? Defnotly. I told her I wanted the same hair cut as last time - I feel something went awry.

No, let's be serious...

Eh, it is just hair. Although from these pictures it is looking very unevenly cut... No one can tell until it's Fro Puff time...

3. I don't like to chastise, you, my readers, because you're all I've got. BUT I SAW McSTEAMY EATING BREAKFAST AND IT HAS GARNERED NARY A CAPITAL LETTER. McSTEAMY - GREY'S ANATOMY.

4. I've decided to bring "nary" back (you know, from its recent decline in popularity since Robin Hood), it'll catch on. And nary a discouraging word shall stop me...


  1. From the photos I couldn't see the curly mullet. It actually looks nice and healthy. I wish my hair had some life in it other than "limp".

  2. My hair is coming in a tad bit mullet like at the moment but curly mullets on us female folks are kind of cute.

    Seeing McSteamy is cool. Sorry I haven't commented on it. I bet he was Mcsteamier in person.

  3. 1. I love your hair. I love your huge eyes. And I think I would love your smile, if you ever let me see it.

    2. McSteamy sighting - yeah, you get major points for that. Although I have to say that when I was researching narcissistic personality disorder, his character was cited as a primo example.

    My daughter recently went for a run in Wash. DC. She was standing at a crosswalk waiting for a light. In her peripheral vision she noted a guy on a bike pull up and stop. He say, "Hey!" She turned. It was Owen Wilson. I said, "Are you sure?" She said, "Are you kidding? I'd know that nose anywhere!" I said, "Why didn't you introduce yourself?" She said, "Because he's 35 and suicidal?" Good point.

  4. Sara - Well thank you! do you read hair thursday they had helpful tips for "limp"

    Megs - pictures, Meg, Pictures. Totally McSteamier in person - blue t-shirt...aaaaand i'm back.

    Susan - Thank you! I am hoping I'll grow to love it (the hair). I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE INTRODUCED MYSELF TO OWEN WILSON. Even if it was just to have him introduce me to Luke. Le sigh.

  5. I welcome the return of "nary". I've attempted to bring it back myself too.

  6. you know, i don't think it's *that* different from the pat benetar, i think she just left it much longer than the original one, which was super cute btw. personally i like it.

    and i'm still totally jealous that you saw mcsteamy.

  7. Frisky Librarian - then let us not let nary a fool nor foe stop us!

    Rhea - I figured it out! she thinned the bottomed layes and NOT the top layers. so the top turns into a mop and the bottom is all light and fluffy. le sigh.

  8. I'm not seeing the fringe, or the "Mullet Highway". I think it looks fab!

  9. Ms. Decoybetty...Bette Davis has nothing on you...jmho...#;-)

  10. Thanks Chris! I'm getting used to it. The fringe is a bit wild and unruly.

    Anon - Well, thank you! that's one of the nicest things anyone's said to me.