Monday, July 06, 2009

Mystery Solved

I have dramatically dry skin. Any allergy or stress shows up in a giant rash across my legs - try not to get turned on people. To combat The Rash, I routinely slather myself in cocoa butter. I recently changed cocoa butter brands because I couldn't buy the stuff I used in America in Australia.

So, remember this conversation with Mr. Slurpee? The one in which I, apparently, smell like fudge? Well, after careful research I've gotten to the bottom of this strange boyism...It was the truth. My new cocoa butter smells VERY much like chocolate. Sickly sweet chocolate. In fact, much like, dare I say it, fudge. True story.


  1. Wow. I totally get that rash thing. I have sort of a similar thing going on. It's not pretty, but I've learned to live with it.

  2. Sara - there isn't much else to do but let it be is there? I do find the cocoa butter helps. And not eating citrus...

  3. Might I suggest Utterly Butterly? That way you smell like Popcorn!

    Can you get that in australia?

  4. Your fudge brings the boys to the yard??


  5. burn - wouldn't smelling popcorn just make you hungry all the time?

    Becky - you're right the fudge does bring all the boys to the yard. Let's just hope that flea bites do too!