Monday, July 20, 2009

No, What happened to Saturday?

I'm back home in Australia, in my little apartment with the crappy internet connection, and it is pure bliss. Don't get me wrong. It isn't that I don't love my family because I do. But boy does it feel good to be home. And it was only a brief 16 hour flight to get here (plus an hour delay and 20 minutes chilling on the tarmac in Melbourne while Mr. Slurpee waited for me a mere 50 meters away from me).

I went to LA to spend some time with my LA family. Where I saw McSteamy and William Baldwin eating breakfast 5 feet away from me at Kings Road. McSteamy is foxy in person...just saying.

Last night i went to bed at 6:45 which is early even for me and what I try to avoid when I am terribly jetlagged but I couldn't stop the eyes from closing.


  1. Hello there. I just came upon your blog today and I found myself just reading and reading. Nice work. And I hope that you had fun in LA - that is one crazy place :)

  2. It's just that McSteamy is kind of sleezy, I know I know, he's hot, but still!

  3. OK, there it is. Mr. Slurpee did indeed come to pick you up. Love it. I am happy for you - somebody loves lovable you.