Friday, July 10, 2009

Tofu the other other OTHER white meat.

Sitting around the table, my grandfather - who is blind and deaf - asks my mom "So, do you raise tofu"...

It was just a slice of hilarity is all.


  1. HA! I like him already!

    PS: There is some nasty, pickled tofu that they sell in China. And those definitely need raising as they are mean enough to gut punch you.

    PSS: Can you tell i'm massively late in my reading? Le Sigh. Comments to come! :)

  2. pickled tofu? Burn, that sounds disgusting. DISGUSTING.

  3. Sounds like the time my grandpa told me tofu was wet, slimy, and had no flavor. I asked him how he had been eating it and he said he bought a pound, sliced it like cheese and popped it into his mouth. Eeeew!

  4. Sara - I used to eat tofu like that!