Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wobbily Knobbily. Altnerative title: the way I play tennis.

So, I am a lover of the game of tennis. James Blake: HOT. The backhand slice: HOT. Serena and Venus Williams: FEISTY.

Bobo and I dabble in "playing" "tennis." I say "playing" "tennis" because, well, that's the closest approximation of what we do on the tennis court. The problem is that I have no hand-eye coordination. I am not that good at sports that involves balls (yes, she did say that). Bobo HAS hand-eye coordination but has played a lot of baseball and thus slugs at the ball something fierce. Our games are a bunch of hilarity.

Today particularly when Dubs and my parents joined in - and just after we watched Federer beat Roddick (yipppeee!) in the Wimbledon final - my game is much like Fed's...I tend to runaround the backhand like an agile gracefull gazelle.

wow - I can't believe I am still talking about this.

The point is my game of tennis would be much improve if I had a stronger grip on the racquet - which is what I call Wobbily Knobbily...Are you bored of reading this post...Me too...


  1. I suck at tennis. Actually, suck puts it quite nicely. It's a bit ironic, considering B is a tennis pro. I have the wobbly wrists and uncontrollable arms.

  2. Every Sunday of my waking childhood my father would beat the ever-living crap out of me. And before you call CPS, I mean he beat me at tennis.

    As a result, I now have the most manliestly-looking calves. And moobs.


  3. Are you kidding bored, it was like the best post ever! and though I do like wobbily knobbily, I also enjoy nibbily bimbily!

    ps. We've totally improved your game!

  4. Although I'm a Yankee...I favored Federer also...I will say I do miss Agassi...you can say what you want about James...thats only because you haven't seen me in shorts...lol...#;-)

  5. Anon - I don't know *who* you are! Are you James Blake? Or Verdasco? Hot. ahem.

    I miss Agassi too! And Graff! I am pumped that Clijsters is coming back.

  6. I'm a tennis player with a love for the game...and have been playing for number of years...no I'm not a pro...I'm sorry if I've disappointed you...life sometimes deals us some hard blows...but alas we've learned to row with the punches...signed a Yankee with a hankie...lol...#;-)

    PS that is good news that Clijsters is coming back.