Sunday, August 23, 2009

And Mr. Slurpee called me no fun! Take this, bitch.

I have been a social butterfly, and will be for the next week or so. For example, on Friday night I had a date and then met up with friends at a dance club and danced until 3 am. Suck on those apples, Mr. Slurpee.

The date was lovely, and that is all I am going to say about that, oh, well that and it wasn't PG.

This guy, my first friend in Australia, who is biking from Adelaide to Ayers Rock to raise money for cancer (Crazy? Slightly. Totally hot? Obviously). Some 2000+ kilometres!! One of many fundraising schemes was that a club hosted the team and all the proceeds went to the cancer research. So when This Guy asked me to go I was totally there and bringing all the people I could muster up (two people - I don't muster well). By 1:30 am, my friends had left, and all of This Guy's girl friends had left as well. It was just me, This Guy, and a bunch of his mates. Now, I have never been out clubbing with boys before. And it was an eye opener for sure to see how they went about trying to pick up girls. It was so elaborate. I mean SO ELABORATE. There was planning, and then reworking the plan, and then implementing, and then holy jeebus if I know what else.

When I asked if they had considered just asking the young lady of their choice to dance, they looked at me like I was crazy. Fellas, that's all I want. Just ask me to dance.

All these guys are taking salsa lessons and This Guy misinformed them that I was some kind of salsa guru and so they each took turns attempting to salsa with me to techno. Unce unce unce unce.

I think the main lessons to be learned here are the following:

1. Just ask the girl to dance.
2. Salsa to techno does not work.
3. I like to be dipped.
4. I am several barrels worth of fun.

The end.


  1. You ARE fun! Glad you had a nice date. :-)

  2. You are definitely fun! Can you teach me the Salsa too? :-)

  3. Chris - why thank you!

    DDG - Oh, we will salsa. That's a promise.

  4. You are a lot of fun. F*ck Mr. Slurpee ... not literally of course! : )

  5. I took that to mean you had a non PG date. I need to get my brain cleaned, I think. Glad you're out there having fun! Unce Unce Unce.

  6. Sweeeeeet...could we see that salsa on tape??? just a thought...foxy lady...#;-)

  7. really? And here I was thinking they thought up those lame pick up lines on the spot.

    There is THOUGHT in them.

    Lord help us.

  8. 24 @ heart - Amen sistah! And thank you! I *am* fun!

    Eileen - yes, a non-PG date. Unce Unce!

    Anon - Hah, I think I embarrassed myself with the sneeze video. :)

    Kelley - I KNOW RIGHT. To think there is actually a game plan. Terrifying.

  9. Hahahah, you should so come to Chile.
    1. They have no idea how to pick up women. The farthest the plan goes is to say which friend the wingman will hit on but usually you can see them discussing the game plan animatedly so you expect it.

    2. Chileans don't really dance salsa, they just try to dance cumbia to every rhythm. It's hilarious.

    3. Gringas are never boring here. Period.

  10. "I don't muster well" - hilarious!

    The guys I clubbed with back in the day were too frightened to approach a woman so they were utterly boring to observe.

    Oooh, you're so teeny that I'm sure dipping you is a delight!