Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Environmental Wednesday: Back to School Edition

A. I am listening to Car Talk* as we speak - after my last Environmental Wednesday post, I started Jonesin' for Ray* and Tom*, it happens, doesn't it? (haha, they just said "who are you going to trust the one whose nuts didn't fall off or the one whose nuts fell off" bwahaha, out of context lug nut jokes are funny).

B. I've been surfing around the blogosphere recently and have noticed people saying they're going back to school, or their kids are and I'm having southern hemisphere/northern hemisphere problems. But anyway, I have some guilt about back-to-school purchases. [I wasn't even listening to them and started laughing because they did. People don't laugh enough]. Especially after reading this fact:

"Americans use about 31.5 million tons of printing and writing paper each year, requiring 535 million trees, most from virgin tree fiber, and 12 billion gallons of oil to make."

and recycling paper uses 28-70% less energy than producing virgin paper. And about 80% of paper can be recycled.

Staples*, Office Depot*, and most office supply stores sell note books and folders made from recycled paper and materials, I encourage you to consider this when purchasing paper for any variety of your paper needs - I certainly regret not looking into it.

I think this is one of those things that we all do - recycle paper - but I never really think about buying products from recycled goods, do you? This is a short coming in the "reduce, reuse, recycle" slogan. Yes, we should be more careful in how use paper products! Yes, we should make sure to use half-used paper! Yes, we should recycle paper after we use it (both sides!)! and YES, we should make a conscious effort to purchase paper that is made of out recycled paper.

*I was not paid by any of these people to pimp out their goods - hah! lug nuts, ahem, am an adult.


  1. I just love car talk...I really enjoyed your lug nut joke...funny thing is I heard they get real hot and turn purple before they fall off...bwahaha

    It breaks my heart to know that most is made from virgin tree fiber and all the oil that's used...I'll do my part to use recycled paper knowing that less energy is used...than producing virgin paper.

    thanks for the info...#:-0

  2. LOL.... Car Talk! My hubs listens to that show.... it can be addicting

  3. Anon - I've heard blue nuts can be an issue, but only in foreign models.

    Jasmine - They're very funny. Their compilation taps are hilarious (the one on love is truly inspired).

  4. I bought some recycled toilet paper. Let's just say it's not soft. It’s the Clint Eastwood of toilet papers: rough, tough and it doesn’t take any crap off anybody.

  5. ROTFLMAO!!!Thank you ladies...nothing like a good laugh...#:-)

  6. Dutch Donut Girl - I've never had that issue with recycled TP (and I don't mean reused because that is gross...ew...fixated. gross. must think of something else....); perhaps try a different variety?

    Anon - Any time. DDG - is a riot, no?

  7. I actually do think about buying recycled products. Currently, the paper napkins and paper plates I use in the house [on occasion] are made from recycled materials.

    Thank you for the PSA! :-)

  8. DDG is a riot yes...I checked out her blog she is a scream...she should go Pro...