Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Wednesday, But I am not feeling particularly Environmental

In lieu of last weekends events, I am just not feeling very educational today.

I've been pretty upbeat, mostly, but I've been feeling a little homesick. Which is only made worse because my parents keep sending me pictures like these:


  1. I keep tellin ya! Come to Manila for a quick break! The Teddybear and I have:

    1.) A (questionably) clean office slash guest room.

    2.) A condo on the 37th floor of a building located smack dab in what would be the Soho of Manila, or Sunset Boulevard, take your pick.

    3.) and two adorable mutts!

    (And we have two dogs too!)

  2. is that an mini australian?

    it looks like my dog, and that is what she is...

  3. SOOO CUTE!!!!! And oh my gosh do I LOVE Anne of Green Gables and I totally hear ya on that one!

  4. Burn - If you keep insisting I will!

    Jasmine - Not a mini, just an Australian Shepherd. (They are all part Australian Shepherd).

    Jociegal - I know; they are little fur balls and I love it!...mmm Gilbert

    DDG - Aw, thanks! and PS I can cook! And I'd ADORE to cook with you.