Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updates on Snot and Birthdays (how exciting!)

My birthday, for those confused by my last post, was on Thursday. On Thursday, I left my apartment for the first time in days because of the sickliness. It was low key and nice. I talked to my family on skype - my neicephews wished me a happy birthday while they ate chocolate ice cream. And then I met my friends M. and Jess in the city for hot chocolate and a free Boost smoothie. Getting a free smoothie because it was my birthday was the most birthday like thing that happened to me.

But I had big plans, you guys. I was going to do this whole 25 by 25 thing. 25 things I wanted to accomplish before I "became as old as a decent size tree" (Um, thanks E. for that AWESOME analogy). But I only came up with like 5 and then couldn't be bothered to think of any more.
They were:
1. Apply for Australian Residency.
2. Get a job.
3. it's a secret - but you know, it's there.
4. Learn the whole thriller dance
5. ....? Ok, I lied I only had 4.

So, what kind of 25 by 25 list could I have with only FOUR items in it? The lame kind. So, I scrapped that idea which left more room in my brain for my more important thoughts like how I can get James Blake to marry me and wondering how sick I'd get if I drank the entire pint of home made Maple Syrup my parents sent me?

The real celebration for my birthday started back months ago when John-the-Beatle and I ate at a restaurant that had a whole gluten free menu that included (wait for it...) pizza, pasta, and beer. The Holy Grail of Gluten Free Delight. About 3 weeks ago I reserved a table there for a bunch of my friends to come celebrate with me on Friday. This is the first time I've ever really thrown myself a party. And it was so much fun.

I could've done without the snot. I mean honestly, it's bad! And my voice, we kept trying to pin point exactly what kind voice I suddenly had. I think we narrowed it down to Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High because it was lower than Bob Dylan's, a bit higher than Johnny Cash. Righteous dudes - all I need is some hot babes and some righteous waves.

It seems fitting to end this with the closing words from This Guy's toast. Say it together now:

"To D, who is not a slut"


  1. Happy belated birthday. Get excited, 24 is a great year.

  2. I hope you had a great birthday.

    The problem with your posts (you didn't know there was a problem, did you?) is that I want to comment on every sentence, thereby writing my own blog entry.

    I had a list of 30 things to do by 30 but um...I didn't do more than 2/3 of the list. So having a lot of things on the list doesn't necessarily mean anything.

    Hurrah for not being a slut!

  3. Happy Birthday! If I would have known sooner I would have slipped some Kahlua in your morning coffee to help ease the uncomfortableness of 'dear heavens I'm another year older'. Incidentally I will doing that very thing for my friend Sarah when she turns 30 in Dec. Work should be fun that day.

  4. Kyle - thank you! I hope 24 is!

    Jummy - You're blog was what inspired the idea of 25 by 25. and it'd be fine by me if you commented line by line :)

    Erin the Great - haha, well good thing I don't drink coffee. I'd have been totally drunk off a bit of kahlua! haha

  5. Happy Late Birthday.... I like to pick one big thing to do before the next year. A whole list is a lot of stuff. That restaurant sounds awesome. I'm not allergic to gluten but have recently found I like gluten free food so much more.

  6. I guess I'm glad your not a slut, too. HB!

  7. Sorry I missed your birthday. Been crazy here at Ross Inc. I hope you had a wonderful day turning 24 and all the best in the year ahead!

  8. Megs - Thank you! The restaurant is great - and were very supportive of our shenanigans.

    Tokken Blogger - Yes, aren't we all? Thanks!

    Chris - No worries, and Thank you!