Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ways to make your daughter move back home: lesson two

Much like Lesson One, Lesson Two comprises of getting a puppy. My parents are getting a second puppy. How many puppies will that make my lovely folks have: Three. Three dogs. How many dogs will I have? That's right, none. It's a tragic state of affairs and my heart aches a little looking at this furry little rascal. Meet the newest Australian (shepherd) member of our family:

Yeah, just they wait until I adopt some cute little baby and stay in Australia forever, they'll regret rubbing this puppy nonsense in my face then! Oh, who am I kidding. I don't want to adopt a baby. I can't even hypothetically rub this in their face. Even in hypothetical terms I am not evil.

And to top it off, my dad got an iPhone. It's just that he is way cooler than I am.

And, AND, all of my pants have decided that they are too good for wearing and have spontaneously holed themselves or lost buttons.


and AND and, I might have to wear socks today! HORRORS.


  1. Not socks! What is the world coming to?

  2. That little puppy is just too cute.
    Your parents are clearly trying to find something gorgeous to replace the void made by the absence of their beautiful daughter. If this is the THIRD dog, it's clearly proving a difficult job ....

  3. Apryl's Antics - thanks for stopping by. Sock's are the devil's garment.

    Selina - Isn't he? Well, only the last two puppies are replacing me. the first one was replacing Middle Brother.

  4. I want a puppy (or a kitty) so bad it's not even funny. Unfortunately, my current situation doesn't allow for one and my parents aren't going to be getting one. They just keep telling me funny cat stories about my cat who is now pretty much their cat.

  5. Sara - I hear ya! I wish I even just knew someone with a dog.

  6. Awww... so sweet! I want a goldendoodle really bad :(

    You hate socks? I didn't know feet could have claustrophobia :)

  7. I kind of want a puggle - A beagle/pug mix. Feet Claustrophobia (FC) is a genetic condition and among those who suffer from it, can be catching.

  8. Oh my gosh I've never heard of a puggle before. Sounds adorable!

  9. Oh, woman, oh, woman, oh, don't treat me so mean

    I'm the sweetest young puppy that You've ever seen

    Well, I guess if you say so, I'll have to put my socks on and crow

    Hope alls well...#:-)

  10. Jummy - They are VERY cute. and apparently by breeding the two together, they've fixed some of the problems caused by overbreeding...

    Anon - hahahaha - Great Balls of Fire, you're flirty, young man!