Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Environmental Wednesday: The Pretty Picture Edition

This is what happens when you google "environment":
That's generally what I think of when we talk about preserving stuff. We're preserving that aren't we? Lush ferns? And gushing water falls? But I think more and more we need to find the beauty in this:

Look, I just like penguins.


  1. I like penguins too. We should take animal well-being seriously.

  2. Ha! I was talking with my boys today about Halloween [I know it's early but I like to have our theme prepared.] and they said they might all like to be penguins. I'm working on a Wizard of Oz theme.

  3. DDG - We should!

    Chris - holy jebus, your three kids as penguins would be mighty adorable! I think toddle child should be the one with yellow eyebrows...just sayin'