Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If I can take a moment of your time to rock out silly know and talk about my hair.

Hi! Remember when this blog was more than just talking about the crazies of internet dating and how stressed out I am? Remember when we used to wax poetic about important my hair? Oh, those were the good old days. Well, I am bringing them back. With a contest! I just thought of this as I typed. Genius.

Meet me on Monday.

By Tuesday, my look had changed! I'd returned to my Rockin' Pat Benatar We Belong days.

I am emphatically anti-leggings but am emphatically pro-embarrassing myself on the internet (weird). Over my holiday in the states, Bobo and I desperately wanted to tie dye ourselves some smokin' hot tennis outfits, but white skirts we could not find. And instead we found these. And tie dye them we did. They make great jammies, and one day, probably sooner than we'd all think, I'll be rockin' these to yoga (I just need to get the nerve up to wear them in public - you know as opposed to a public forum such as this). Hot Da-amn are they good lookin' pants. I bet you can't even see the disaster of a messy room behind them because you're blinded by the pure foxiness of the pants?

So, the contest.

What you have to do. leave me a comment with a haiku (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) about the second picture or the third picture and I'll send you something edible and delicious from Australia (no, not vegemite - unless you want me too...but I was thinking of something less, how should I say this...gross): Tim Tams (unless you have food allergies and then I'll find something else...).

For example, I'll write a haiku about the first photo for your own inspiration:

Hair in my eyes. Blind.
Jennifer Beals 'do? needed:
cut. Elvis Tee shirt!

The rules: write a haiku - or several! Comment! I'll pick my favourite. If you want to win make sure I can contact you for an address...get to it!


  1. The third; pants divine
    Wonder if I can wear nigh
    Despite dick, have I...

  2. Here are a couple, but just because I am a sucker for a Haiku.

    Don't wear leggings as pants,
    Please? But these are not leggings.
    They are pure awesome.

    Patty Benetar
    would never have looked so hot
    in tie dyed leggings.

    Oh the DemiGod,
    How like Yoda you do sound,
    Men in tights AREN'T hot.
    ------>(Despite what some movies claim)

  3. I can't write a haiku, but I do have to say those leggins are HAWT! : )

  4. I can't write a haiku either. But I like to read some of them so I'm at the right place now :)

    The pants are très trendy :)

  5. Burn - hah! I'm sure you'd rock them.

    Ev Rev - Well played!

    24@ heart and DDG - all lies, I know you are poetic geniuses!

  6. Concerning the third-

    The GRE blues...
    Then red blue leggings I see
    No more woe is me

    I heart you!!!

  7. Swirls in red and blue,
    do not shun your rockin' pants...
    embrace the goofy.

  8. Wow Becky - yours rhymes! You little ace!

    Scrambled Jill - Awesome. Consider the goofy embraced.

  9. Want to see you smile
    Your hair is happy show it
    You adorable

  10. Burn's is my favorite. Just so you know.

    Funky, funky pants
    Make you yoga, make you dance
    WEAR those funky pants!

  11. Wild and electric
    Reaching upward to the sky
    And everywhere else

    That hair is happy
    schizophrenic and cool
    But the leggings? No.

  12. Organic Meatball - well thank you!

    Susan Walsh - there smiling!

    Chris - Love it!

    Susan - You're the first nay-sayer to the leggings! :) Fair enough. Also, way to go incorporating schizophrenic!

  13. I must disqualify my previous entry because my syllables were off. Instead I offer:

    Who am I to say
    NO to those leggings, they are

    Jammies are a good
    choice where they will stay hidden
    under the covers.

    I'd love to win some
    Australian goodies and be
    the envy of all.